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内蒙古首大医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱内蒙古首大生殖专科官网Anger really can kill you: studyAnger and other strong emotions can trigger potentially deadly heart rhythms in certain vulnerable people, US researchers said on Monday.Previous studies have shown that earthquakes, war or even the loss of a World Cup Soccer match can increase rates of death from sudden cardiac arrest, in which the heart stops circulating blood."It's definitely been shown in all different ways that when you put a whole population under a stressor that sudden death will increase," said Dr. Rachel Lampert of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, whose study appears in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology."Our study starts to look at how does this really affect the electrical system of the heart," Lampert said.She and colleagues studied 62 patients with heart disease and implantable heart defibrillators or ICDs that can detect dangerous heart rhythms or arrhythmias and deliver an electrical shock to restore a normal heart beat."These were people we know aly had some vulnerability to arrhythmia," Lampert said in a telephone interview.Patients in the study took part in an exercise in which they recounted a recent angry episode while Lampert's team did a test called T-Wave Alternans that measures electrical instability in the heart.Lampert said the team specifically asked questions to get people to relive the angry episode. "We found in the lab setting that yes, anger did increase this electrical instability in these patients," she said.Next, they followed patients for three years to see which patients later had a cardiac arrest and needed a shock from their implantable defibrillator."The people who had the highest anger-induced electrical instability were 10 times more likely than everyone else to have an arrhythmia in follow-up," she said.Lampert said the study suggests that anger can be deadly, at least for people who are aly vulnerable to this type of electrical disturbance in the heart."It says yes, anger really does impact the heart's electrical system in very specific ways that can lead to sudden death," she said. /200902/63119内蒙古自治区医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱 Will you have breakfast after ing this story?A third of office workers would rather grab a few minutes extra sleep than breakfast, according to a survey that estimated poor eating habits were costing companies dearly in terms of lost productivity.A survey by Ipsos Mori found 17 percent of British office workers never have breakfast and 17 percent have it just one to three times a week.It found eight percent of 1,051 office staff questioned also regularly skip lunch, with these poor eating habits estimated to be costing companies 17 billion pounds ( billion) a year or 97 million lost working days."Worryingly, of those who rarely or never eat lunch, 27 percent also never eat breakfast during the working week," said Ipsos Mori researchers in a statement.The survey, commissioned by food service company BaxterStorey, estimated skipping breakfast cost companies 8.1 billion pounds or 46.5 million lost working days, with many studies finding a link between eating breakfast and attention span, learning ability and general well-being.When other poor eating habits such as having no breakfast and lunch or having no breakfast and snacks, are included, lost productivity rocketed to nearly 17 billion pounds.The survey found most employees -- 92 percent -- have lunch, with 68 percent opting for sandwiches, but most people don't drink enough during the day. Only 11 percent had the recommended eight or more drinks during the working day."People who eat breakfast have better concentration, problem solving ability, mental performance, memory and mood.People who eat breakfast are also more physically energetic and have better coordination," said nutrition specialist Matt Barker."Research tells us that scores on memory tests were about 15 percent lower in people who skipped breakfast. And those who skip it tend to eat sugary, fatty foods later in the day, reducing their productivity." 一项调查显示,三分之一的上班族早上宁愿多睡几分钟,也不愿起床吃早餐。据该调查估计,员工不良的饮食习惯导致工作效率下降,从而给公司造成了巨大损失。该项由益普索#8226;莫里调查机构开展的调查发现,英国17%的办公室职员从不吃早餐,17%的人每周只吃一至三次早餐。调查发现,在1051名受访的办公室职员中,8%的人经常不吃午餐。据估计,员工这些不良的饮食习惯每年给公司造成了170亿英镑(相当于9700万个工作日)的损失。益普索#8226;莫里调查机构在一份声明中说:“令人担忧的是,在那些很少或从来不吃午餐的人中,27%的人也从不吃早餐。”据该项由BaxterStorey食品务公司委托开展的调查估计,员工不吃早餐给公司造成的损失约81亿英镑(相当于4650万个工作日)。很多研究发现,是否吃早餐会影响注意力集中时间长度、学习能力及总体幸福感。如果将其它一些不良的饮食习惯也算上,如早餐和午餐都不吃或不吃早餐而吃零食,公司所遭受的损失则高达近170亿英镑。调查发现,大多数员工(92%)吃午餐,其中68%的员工吃三明治;但大多数人每天摄水量不够,仅有11%的人每天喝水量达到建议的八杯水或者更多。营养专家马特#8226;巴克说:“吃了早餐的人注意力更加集中、解决问题的能力更强,智力表现、和心情也更好。此外,吃早餐的人更具活力,身体协调性更好。”“研究人员称,不吃早餐的人测试得分约低15%。而且早上不吃饭的人之后可能会吃甜食和高脂肪食品,从而会影响他们的工作效率。” /200809/47098According to Greek and Roman Mythology, there were nine muses; the Hydra had nine heads; there were nine rivers of hell; when Vulcan was kicked out of heaven, he fell for nine days before lighted on the island Lemnos. According to some Christian theologians, there are nine orders of angels. Superstitious people used to believe that to see nine magpies is most unlucky. In English idioms, nine is used to mean “a large number of”. For example, people say “Nine tailors make a man,” because a tailor is not as strong as a carpenter, a blacksmith or a man in any other trades. A cat can survive where other animals hardly can, and drops always on its feet, so people often say, “A cat has nine lives.” If a wonder can only last for several days, people may call it “a nine days’ wonder”.数字9 据古希腊罗马神话,缪斯有九位,水怪许德拉有九颗头,冥河有九条,伏尔甘被朱庇特踢出天界,落了九天九夜才在勒姆诺斯岛着陆。基督教神学家将众天使为为九等。迷信的人说见到九只喜鹊不吉利。英语里常用“九”表示“多”。裁缝在多身子骨单薄,人们就说“九个裁缝一条汉”。猫命大,摔下来总是四脚着地,人们就说猫有九命。新鲜事,如果只能轰动一时,人们称之为“九日奇观”。 /200907/76519土默特左旗做产前检查多少钱

呼和浩特首大生殖专科妇科预约In Recession, Women Splurge as if Addicted摘要:也许大部分人都觉得不足为奇:女性在经济危机时期反而比平时更爱购物了。This may come as little surprise to most people: In times of crisis, women are more likely to take a shopping spree than in normal times.A new survey finds almost half of UK women are frightened or scared by the recession, and 45 percent felt their financial situation had taken a hit. A full 75 percent said they would be making cutbacks.Yet 79 percent of them said they would splurge to cheer themselves up.Of the 700 women surveyed, 40 percent said depression was an excuse to overspend; 60 percent said "feeling a bit low" was a good enough reason."This type of spending, or compensatory consumption, serves as a way of regulating intense emotions," said Karen Pine, a University of Hertfordshire professor and author of "Sheconomics" .The itch to shop has long been known to overwhelm some people, either because of simple materialism or to compensate for emotional problems. Many researchers liken it to addiction, and some think it has been a growing problem in the modern consumerism society. /200905/71556呼和浩特治疗早泄医院哪家最好 So you brush your teeth after every meal, choose herbal tea over fizzy drinks, and snack on fruit not sweets.想必你一定会在饭后必刷牙,喝花草茶而不喝汽水,吃零食时会用水果来代替甜品。It might sound like the ideal formula for perfect teeth, but, actually, it’s not. In fact, any one of those habits could increase your risk of dental erosion or decay.听上去,这些都是让你拥有一口完美牙齿的理想方案,可事实并非如此。其实,有这些习惯的人更有可能长蛀牙。Here, we reveal some of the other surprising things that could ruin your smile:让我们来看看这些有可能毁掉你的牙齿和可爱笑容的因素吧。 /201012/120017呼和浩特首大医院可以看早泄吗

内蒙古自治区医院挂号你“Google”过自己吗?Have you ever "Googled" youself?More Americans are Googling themselves — and many are checking out their friends, co-workers and romantic interests, too.In a report Sunday, the Pew Internet and American Life Project said 47 percent of U.S. adult Internet users have looked for information about themselves through Google or another search engine.That is more than twice the 22 percent of users who did in 2002, but Pew senior research specialist Mary Madden was surprised the growth wasn't higher."Yes it's doubled, but it's still the case that there's a big chunk of Internet users who have never done this simple act of plugging their name with search engines," she said.Americans under 50 and those with more education and income were more likely to self-Google — in some cases because their jobs demand a certain online persona.Meanwhile, Pew found that 53 percent of adult Internet users admit to looking up information about someone else, celebrities excluded.Often, it's to find someone they've lost touch with. But looking up information about friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors also was common.Although men and women equally searched for online information about themselves, women were slightly more likely to look up information about someone they are dating.In many cases, the search is innocuous, done to find someone's contact information. But a third of those who have conducted searches on others have looked for public records, such as bankruptcies and divorce proceedings. A similar number have searched for someone else's photo.Few Internet users say they Google themselves regularly — about three-quarters of self-searchers say they have done so only once or twice. And most who have done so consider what they find accurate.Pew also found that teens were more likely than adults to restrict who can see their profiles at an online hangout like Facebook or News Corp.'s MySpace. 如今,越来越多的美国人在Google上搜索自己,还有很多人通过Google查找朋友、同事或约会对象的信息。Pew互联网和美国生活项目在上周日发布的一份调查报告中称,47%的美国成年互联网用户通过Google或其它搜索引擎查找过有关自己的信息。这一比例比2002年的22%增长了一倍多,但Pew调查中心的高级研究员玛丽#8226;麦登认为增幅还不够大。她说:“在Google上搜索自己的网民比例确实翻了一番,但调查同时显示,目前仍有很多网民从未用搜索引擎搜索过自己的名字。”年龄在50岁以下的美国人以及受教育程度和收入较高的人在Google上搜索自己的几率更大,这是因为他们的工作有时需要在网上公开个人信息。此外,Pew调查中心发现,53%的成年网民承认自己曾在Google上查找过除名人以外的其他人的信息。在很多情况下,人们这样做只是为了寻找失去联系的人,但也有很多人通过Google查找朋友、亲戚和邻居的信息。男性和女性网民在Google上搜索自己的人数比例差不多,但女性更爱在网上搜索约会对象的信息。在很多情况下,在网上搜索别人纯粹是为了找到此人的联系方式。但有三分之一的人这样做是为了了解别人的公共纪录,如破产及离婚纪录等。另有相同比例的人曾搜索过别人的照片。多数网民并不经常在Google上搜索自己——约四分之三的人称,他们仅搜索过一两次。多数人认为他们搜索到的有关自己的信息是正确的。该调查还发现,与成年人相比,青少年更希望限制别人在Facebook或Myspace等社交网站查看自己的个人信息。 /200803/32072 Opening an Umbrella Indoors Some people believe that opening an umbrella indoors and holding it over the head brings misfortune or death. People have given various reasons for this superstition, saying that doing so may offend gods. But the most practical and sensible reason is that when one opens an umbrella in the house, one may knock over a burning candle or a valuable vase, which is surely a misfortune. 屋内撑伞 有人认为在室内撑伞并举在头上会招致不幸或死亡。对此人们做了种种解释,说这样做会得罪某某神灵。但有一种最合乎常理的解释。这样做立竿见影的不幸后果往往是碰倒一燃烧着的蜡烛而酿成火灾,或是打翻一只贵重的花瓶。 /200906/75346内蒙古首大医院男科预约内蒙古医学院附属医院妇科疾病多少钱



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