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2017年12月15日 16:04:40 | 作者:飞度【云专家】 | 来源:新华社
Women who give birth may be biologically ;older; than women who don#39;t, a new study suggests.一项新研究发现,生过孩子的女性在生理上会比那些没有生过的更老。For the study, the researchers analyzed information from 1,556 US women ages 20 to 44 who took part in a national survey from 1999 to 2002, which involved giving blood samples.在该研究中,研究人员们分析了20-44岁之间的1556名美国女性信息,她们参加了1999年至2002年期间的全国调查,并给出了血液样本。The researchers looked at the genetic material inside the women#39;s cells, specifically the length of their telomeres. 研究人员们观察了这些女性细胞内的遗传物质,尤其是她们端粒的长度。These are caps on the ends of chromosomes that protect the chromosomes from damage. 这些位于染色体末端的小帽子能够保护染色体不受损。Telomeres naturally shorten as people age, but the structures don#39;t shorten at the same rate in every person. 人们在变老的过程中,端粒也会自然缩短,但这个结构在每个人身上变短的速度均不同。The longer a person#39;s telomeres are, the more times their cells could hypothetically still divide, research has shown. 一个人的端粒越长,他们的细胞理论上能够分裂的次数就越多。Thus, telomeres are considered a marker of biological age — that is, the age of a person#39;s cells, rather than the individual#39;s chronological age.并且,端粒也被科学家们视为生理年龄的标记,即一个人的细胞年龄,而不是他们的实际年龄。Women in the survey who said they#39;d given birth to at least one child had telomeres that were about 4 percent shorter, on average, than those of women who#39;d never given birth. 在研究中,至少生过一个孩子的女性端粒长度平均比那些未生产过的女性短百分之四。The findings held even after the researchers took into account other factors that could affect telomere length, including the women#39;s chronological age, body mass index and smoking habits.即便研究人员们考虑了其它能影响端粒长度的因素(比如她们的实际年龄、身体质量指数和吸烟习惯),这些发现依旧站得住脚。These findings suggest that a ;history of live birth may be associated with shorter telomeres,; 这些发现表明生产史可能与更短的端粒之间存在着联系。The researchers wrote in their abstract, which was presented at the meeting of the American Public Health Association in Denver.该研究的概述在美国公共卫生协会于丹佛市举办的会议上发布。The study was not designed to determine the reason behind the link, the researchers said. 该研究并未探究这一联系背后的原因,But one hypothesis is that having children increases stress levels, and high stress has been linked with shorter telomeres, the scientists said.但有猜测认为生孩子会增加女性的压力,而高压与更短的端粒有关。;It is possible that pregnancy, birth and child-rearing can induce chronic stress, leading to shorter telomere length perhaps through an inflammatory pathway,; said study researcher Anna Pollack, an assistant professor and environmental and reproductive epidemiologist at George Mason University. 美国乔治梅森大学的助教、生态环境与生殖流行病学家安娜.波莱克参与了该研究,她表示:有可能怀、生产和抚养孩子带来了慢性压力,并通过炎症通路缩短了端粒长度。However, because the survey was conducted at a single point in time, the researchers cannot determine which came first in the women#39;s lives — giving birth or having shorter telomeres, Pollack said. 然而,由于调查是在某个时间点开展的,研究人员们无法确定生孩子与更短的端粒长度之间,哪一个先出现。It#39;s also possible that for some yet-unknown reason, women with shorter telomeres are more likely than women with longer ones to have children, Pollack said.波莱克说,有可能出于某些未知的原因,端粒更短的女性比端粒更长的女性更有可能生孩子。More studies are needed that follow women over time and measure the length of their telomeres before, during and after pregnancy, she said.她说,还需要进一步的追踪研究来确定女性的端粒在生孩子之前、怀期间和产后的长度。;It would be interesting to see how telomere length changes during pregnancy, after birth and during the child-rearing years, and how these changes compare to women who do not have children,; Pollack said.波莱克说:观察端粒长度在期、产后和养育孩子过程中的变化,并将其与没有生过孩子的女性比较是一件非常有趣的事情。 /201611/478328Try out this sample meal plan if your diabetic treatment plan includes a prescription for a 2000-calorie diet.如果你的糖尿病治疗处方方案包括一个2000卡路里的饮食疗法,那么就可以试试这个膳食计划。You#39;ll be able to indulge in (low-carb) pancakes, tuna and walnut salad, and Thai Curry Chicken.你可以吃喜爱的(低碳水化合物)煎饼、金鱼、核桃沙拉和泰国的咖喱鸡。This sample plan provides a total of 2000 calories -- 50% from carbohydrate and 30% from fat. Although this is the maximum amount of fat recommended for a diabetic meal plan, the fat sources are high in ;good,; unsaturated fats.这个计划方案提供了总数为2000卡路里的热量—50%来自碳水化合物和30%来自脂肪。虽然对糖尿病患者的膳食计划来说,这是能推荐的最大脂肪量,但是脂肪的来源是高质量的不饱和脂肪。Read more about diabetic meal planning.阅读更多关于糖尿病患者的膳食计划。Breakfast:早餐:#8226; Low-Carb Pancakes Recipe #8226; 低碳水化合物的薄煎饼食谱#8226; 1 tablespoon light syrup #8226; 1汤匙轻糖浆#8226; 1 cup sliced strawberries #8226; 1杯草莓切片#8226; 1 cup skim milk #8226; 1杯脱脂牛奶#8226; Coffee with 2 tablespoons fat-free half-and-half #8226; 2汤匙无脂对半咖啡Lunch: 午餐:#8226; 1 serving Tuna amp; Walnut Salad Recipe #8226; 1份金鱼和核桃沙拉食谱#8226; 1 cup raw salad greens #8226; 1杯生蔬菜沙拉#8226; 4 whole-wheat crackers #8226; 4个全麦饼干#8226; 1 apple #8226; 1个苹果#8226; 1/2 cup sugar-free pudding #8226; 半杯无糖布丁#8226; 5 vanilla wafers #8226; 5个香草晶片#8226; 8 to 10 ounces water or sugar-free beverage #8226; 8到10盎司的水或无糖饮料Dinner: 晚餐:#8226; 1 serving Thai Curry Chicken Recipe #8226; 一份泰国咖喱鸡食谱#8226; Add 1/2 sweet potato, thinly sliced, to the curry#8226; 加入半个红薯、切成薄片加入咖喱饭里面#8226; 1/3 cup cooked brown rice #8226; 三分之一杯的熟糙米#8226; 1/2 cup cooked zucchini #8226; 半杯熟西葫芦#8226; 1 100%-fruit frozen fruit bar#8226; 一个100%水果冷冻拼盘#8226; 8 to 10 ounces water or sugar-free beverage #8226; 8到10盎司水或无糖饮料译文属 /201610/471813

First encounter with The Bush People.第一次遭遇布什人。 /201610/473363

One day, the father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country with the express purpose of showing him how poor people live. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family.一天,一个豪门之家的父亲带着儿子去乡村游玩,他的首要目的是让儿子看看那里人们的生活是多么的贫穷。他们待了几天,晚上就住在农场上的一个赤贫之家。On their return from their trip, the father asked his son, ;How was the trip?;在他们的返程途中,父亲问儿子;“旅程结束有什么感想?”;It was great, Dad.;“感觉不错呢,爸爸。”;Did you see how poor people live?; the father asked.“你看到穷人们是怎么生活了吧?”父亲问道;Oh yeah,; said the son.“当然”儿子答道;So, tell me, what did you learn from the trip?; asked the father.“那你说说,你从中学到了什么?”父亲说道。The son answered: ;I saw that we have one dog and they had four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a creek that has no end. We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night.儿子回答: “我们家有一条,而他们有四条,我们的泳池的边界到花园的一半,他们的溪流没有尽头。我们花园里有进口的灯笼,他们晚上能看到满天的繁星。Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon. We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond our sight. We have servants who serve us, but they serve others. We buy our food, but they grow theirs. We have walls around our property to protect us, they have friends to protect them.;我们的露台只到前院,地平线之前都是他们的地盘。我们只居住在一小块地方,他们的土地在目力所及之外。我们有佣人务我们,而他们务他人。我们的食物要买,他们的自己种。我们要靠墙来保护自己的财产,他们有自己的朋友。”The boy#39;s father was speechless. Then his son added, ;Thanks Dad for showing me how poor we are.;父亲无言以对,随后儿子补充说:“谢谢爸爸让我体会到我们是多么的贫穷。”Isn#39;t perspective a wonderful thing? Makes you wonder what would happen if we all gave thanks for everything we have, instead of worrying about what we don#39;t have.所以看待事物的角度也是一个非常有意思的事情。这不禁让人想:如果每件事情我们都心存感恩,而不是觊觎更多,那收获是不是会有大不同? /201704/502847

India#39;s supreme court has ruled that the national anthem must be played in every cinema before a film is screened.印度最高法院规定,所有电影院都要在播放电影之前演奏国歌。Judges said the order should be enforced within 10 days and audiences must stand when the anthem is played.法官表示,该命令须于10天内生效,且奏国歌时观众必须起立。In the 1960s and 1970s, cinemas regularly played the anthem but the practice declined.上世纪60到70年代,印度电影院常定期奏国歌,但这一传统已经没落。Opinion on the court move is divided on social media.社交媒体对法院的这一规定有着不同看法。There is no uniform law in India regarding the anthem and the 29 states have had their own laws on the issue.印度并没有就国歌问题制定统一法律,29个邦各有各的规定。According to the new ruling, the anthem must be played in all cinemas, accompanied by an image of the Indian flag.新规定中提到,所有影院都必须演奏国歌,同时显示国旗照片。;The people should stop following individual notions of freedom and have a sense of committed patriotism,; Indian media reports ed judges as saying.“人们应该停止追求个人的自由观念,要有坚定的爱国主义情怀。”印度媒体引用法官的话说道。The hashtag #NationalAnthem was one of the top trends on Twitter India on Wednesday afternoon.周三下午,#国歌(#NationalAnthem)成为印度推特网上的热点话题之一。#39;Fantastic move?#39;“超赞的”举动?Shyam Narayan Chouksey, a 77-year-old resident of Bhopal, had petitioned the court asking for the national anthem order.77岁的帕尔居民希亚姆.纳拉杨.乔克希向法院请愿,要求颁布国歌相关规定。;Over the years I#39;ve been seeing that the proper respect for the national anthem is not being paid by the common people as well as the constitutional functionaries,; he told the B Asian Network.“多年以来,大众甚至是宪法工作人员都没有对国歌给予应有的尊重,这是我亲眼所见的。”他对B亚洲网这样说道。Shaina NC, spokesperson for the ruling BJP party, called the court ruling a ;fantastic; move.执政党人民党发言人谢纳称法院颁布这一指令是个“超赞的”举动。The B India Facebook page asked its followers for their opinion.B印度脸书网页征集了粉丝的观点。;Why are we moving backwards[?]; asked Krushik AV.“我们为什么在退步?” Krushik AV问道。;Patriotism is something through education...;“爱国主义通过教育才能获得……”Another follower, Sachin Sudheer, disagreed saying it was a ;wonderful feeling to stand up with everyone;.另一位名叫Sachin Sudheer的粉丝不同意这一观点,他表示所有人同时起立的感觉“很棒”。Although there is no specific law that mandates standing for the anthem in India, the home ministry#39;s rules, which carry the force of law, specify that it is compulsory to stand to attention when the anthem is played.虽然印度法律中没有哪一条强制奏国歌时必须起立,但内政部的规定详细说明了演奏国歌时必须站立着行注目礼,而内政部的规定是带有法律效力的。And cinemas that play the anthem often display messages asking audiences to stand up.演奏国歌的影院一般会给出提示,要求观众起立。There is some concern that people could be targeted for not ;respecting; the national song:一些人担忧,有人可能会因为“不尊重”国歌而受到攻击:In October the B carried an article by a disabled man who described how he had been assaulted for not standing up for the anthem in a cinema.B十月份刊登了一篇残疾人写的文章,文中写到,作者因没在播放国歌时站起来而遭到攻击。Last year, a group of people were thrown out of a cinema hall for not standing for the national anthem.去年,一群观众因没在奏国歌时站起来而被赶出电影院。In 2014, a man was beaten by a mob in Mumbai after his South African friend refused to stand for the national anthem.2014年,因自己的南非朋友拒绝奏国歌时站起,孟买一位男性遭到暴徒袭击。Also in 2014, a man in the southern state of Kerala was charged with sedition for refusing to stand.2014年在印度南部的喀拉拉邦,一位男性被控诉扰乱治安,原因就是拒绝在奏国歌时站立。 /201612/481651

During my first pregnancy I was ravenous. I would shove chips in my mouth at the grocery store. I carried snacks with me at all times. My portions grew as fast as my stomach and before I knew it, two brownies for dessert piled with whipped cream and drizzled with peanut butter and chocolate sauce couldn#39;t begin to touch my cravings, I became more of a woman in nine months time-50 pounds more to be exact-and was a little upset when my son came out only weighing 8 pounds out of the 50. I was hoping for 25 at least.第一次怀的时候,我特别容易饿。还在店里的时候,我就会迫不及待的往嘴里塞薯片。零食也一直随身带着。我的身体长得和胃一样快,在我意识到之前,我已经吃了两块满是奶油、撒着花生酱和巧克力酱的布朗尼,但这还不足以让我满足,9个月的时间我长胖了50磅,而我的儿子出生时却只有8磅。我原本以为他至少也得25磅呢。But with a little exercising, and getting my eating back on track, I shed the 50 pounds in about 10 weeks. I remember walking around a craft fair one day, talking to a seasoned mother who looked at me and said, ;You know, I looked great a few weeks after the first one, too. Just wait, if you decide to have more, it gets harder every time.;但适当锻炼和正常饮食之后,我在10周内减掉了50磅。我还记得有一天我走在工艺品市场上,和一位经验丰富的母亲聊天,她看着我说,;你知道,生完第一个孩子后,我几个星期就恢复了原样。但我还没说完,如果你还想生的话,那么每生一个,产后恢复就越难。;Less than a year later I was pregnant again and repeated devouring my food like a trucker. The 50 pounds sp across my thighs, belly, ass and face faster than a pad of butter melting down a stack of pancakes. No problem, in about 10 weeks it#39;ll be gone, I told myself. Please pass the cake.不到一年我又怀了,和第一次一样,我像卡车司机那样狼吞虎咽。那50磅肉长在了我的大腿上、肚子上、屁股上和脸上,增重的速度比黄油在煎饼上融化的速度还要快。我告诉自己,别担心,10周后这些肉肉就会不见的。请把蛋糕拿给我。Only the second time around, 10 weeks came and went and I still had extra love in my handles. My experienced mom friend was right. Those last 10 pounds would not budge despite my efforts, so I began working harder than I did after my first child was born. 只是在第二次的时候,第10周来了又走了,而我的手上还是那么多肉。我那位有经验的朋友却恢复得很好。不管我多么努力,那10磅肉就是减不掉,所以我比第一次生完小孩后更加努力减肥。One would think I would have learned my lesson from my prior pregnancies, but no, I still ate a shit-ton of food. My body decided to give in and let go of the weight, exactly seven months later-the same night I got pregnant with my third.有人可能会认为我应该从先前的怀经验中汲取教训,但没有,我仍然吃很多。于是7个月后我的身体决定放弃,让体重自身自灭--那天晚上也是我怀上第三胎的时候。If you#39;ve ever been pregnant, nursing, and chasing around a toddler, you feel my pain. You#39;re starving and who has the energy to eat healthy?如果你怀过、照顾过宝宝、追着刚学会走路的他/她,那你肯定能理解我的苦。你都饿死了,哪管什么吃得健不健康啊!译文属 /201705/509677

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