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The Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) launched its inaugural ceremony on Saturday morning at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse with President Xi Jinping attending the event.亚洲基础设施投资(亚投行)周六早上在钓鱼台国宾馆召开了开业典礼,习近平主席出席了此次典礼;This is a historical moment,; Xi said addressing the event in downtown Beijing.“这是一个见历史的时刻”,习主席在北京市中心如此评价此事。The AIIB could increase Asia infrastructure investment effectively and promote regional interconnection and economic integration, which will have a positive effect on Asian and global economy, said Xi.习主席表示,亚投行将有效增加亚洲地区基础设施投资,促进区域互联互通和经济一体化进程,这将对亚洲乃至世界经济增长带来积极的提振作用。Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei was elected as the first chairman of the AIIB council. Jin Liqun was elected the first AIIB president.中国财政部部长楼继伟当选为亚投行首任理事会主席。金立群当选为亚投行第一任行长。The opening of the AIIB marked a milestone in the reform of the global economic governance system, Lou said in an interview. The AIIB will work together with multilateral development banks including the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank to facilitate Asian infrastructure construction and sustainable development, Lou said.楼继伟在采访中表示,亚投行的开业是全球经济治理体系改革的一个里程碑。他表示,亚投行将会同包括世界和亚洲开发在内的多边发展一起,促进亚洲及基础设施的建设和可持续发展。When addressing the inaugural ceremony, South Korean Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho ed a sentence of famous Chinese writer Lu Xun to describe the process of AIIBs establishment: ;Originally there is no path in this world, but when there are many who have walked upon it, then a path came into being.;在开业典礼上,韩国财政部长柳一镐引用中国著名作家鲁迅的名言描述亚投行的建立过程:“世界上本没有路,走的人多了,便成了路。”The development bank was formally established in Beijing on Dec 25, 2015. Its the first China-initiated multi-lateral financial institution. In 2013, President Xi Jinping first proposed the idea of the bank. In just two years, the bank, headquartered in Beijing, now has 57 members, many from outside the region.亚投行于201525日在北京正式成立。这是中国第一次发起成立的多边金融机构013年,习近平主席首次提出了建立亚投行的想法。仅仅两年,这家总部设立在北京的已经有了57个成员国,其中许多都来自非亚洲地区。来 /201601/422664

Donald Trump seems to have brought the techniques of Twitter to the construction of his government. 唐纳特朗Donald Trump)似乎将Twitter手法引入了他的政府建设。Trolling on Twitter is defined as making a deliberately offensive online posting with the aim of upsetting someone. Twitter上的恶意挑衅被定义为故意在线发布攻击性的帖子,目的是让某人不高兴。In this spirit, Mr Trump has placed a climate-change denier in charge of environmental protection, an opponent of the minimum wage as labour secretary, a conspiracy theorist in charge of the National Security Council and a protectionist at the commerce department. 本着这种精神,特朗普让一名不承认气候变化的人负责环保事务,让反对最低工资的人担任劳工部长,让阴谋论者执掌国家安全委员会,让保护主义者担任商务部长。The pièce de résistance could be the appointment of Rex Tillerson, a recipient of the Kremlin’s Order of Friendship, as secretary of state.最出格的是可能是将克里姆林宫友谊勋章得主雷克斯.蒂勒Rex Tillerson)任命为国务卿(译者注:特朗普已任命蒂勒森出任国务卿)。The incredulity and alarm that Mr Trump’s appointments have caused in the Washington establishment are compounded by his disdain for the government’s own experts. 特朗普任命的人选引起了华盛顿建制派的错愕和震惊,更严重的是,他轻视政府自己的专家。Mr Trump took a controversial phone call from the president of Taiwan without consulting the state department. 特朗普在没有征询美国国务院的情况下就与台湾总统进行了有争议的电话交谈。Now he has ridiculed the CIA for suggesting that Russia meddled in the US presidential election.现在,他又嘲讽美国中央情报局(CIA)关于俄罗斯干预美国总统选举的说法。Mr Trump’s appointments, tweets and phone calls, however, cannot yet do more than hint at future changes in America’s approach to the world. 然而,特朗普的人事任命、推文和电话除了暗示美国对外政策的未来变化之外,尚不能说明太多问题。The real shifts can only happen after the new president is actually sworn into office on January 20. 真正的转变只可能发生0170日新总统真正就任以后。For now, it is much easier to identify five big choices that face him, than to predict eventual outcomes.就目前而言,梳理他面临大选择,远比预测最终结局容易得多。Russia: Both Mr Trump’s rhetoric and his early appointments indicate a strong desire for a rapprochement with Russia. 俄罗斯:特朗普的言辞和他的初步人事任命表明,他强烈希望与俄罗斯和解。The Kremlin clearly hopes that the US will lift the economic sanctions imposed on Russia after its annexation of Crimea. 克里姆林宫显然希望,美国将会解除在俄罗斯吞并克里米亚之后对其实施的经济制裁。Mr Trump could also make common cause with Vladimir Putin in Syria, by dropping America’s insistence on the removal of Bashar al-Assad.特朗普也可能放弃美国要求巴沙阿萨Bashar al-Assad)下台的立场,从而与弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)在叙利亚问题上携手合作。But making these changes will be very controversial. 但做出这些改变将会引起极大争议。Russia’s intervention on behalf of Mr Trump during the election, combined with the expected appointment of Mr Tillerson, have excited lurid speculation about the real nature of Mr Trump’s relationship with Russia. 俄罗斯在美国大选期间进行有利于特朗普的干预,再加上对蒂勒森的任命,激发了人们对于特朗普与俄罗斯之间究竟存在什么关系的骇人猜测。Even without conspiracy theories, there will be considerable resistance by influential members of congress including prominent Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham to a Trump-Putin love-in.即便没有阴谋论,有影响力的国会重量级人物——包括约麦凯John McCain)和林格雷厄姆(Lindsey Graham)等知名共和党人——也会坚决阻止特朗普和普京结盟。Europe: While Mr Trump has been extravagant in his praise of Mr Putin, he has been open in his contempt for Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, describing her refugee policies as insane. 欧洲:在对普京赞不绝口的同时,特朗普公开蔑视德国总理安格默克Angela Merkel),形容她的难民政策疯了。There is now fear in the French and German governments that Mr Trump may seek to help the European far-right by supporting Marine Le Pen in the French presidential elections in May, or the Alternative for Germany in the country’s elections in September. 法国和德国政府现在担心,特朗普可能寻求帮助欧洲极右势力,在明月的法国总统大选中持马琳.勒庞(Marine Le Pen),或者在明年9月的德国选举中持德国新选择Alternative for Germany)。In that case, both the Kremlin and the White House would be working towards the defeat of the German chancellor. 那种情况意味着克里姆林宫和白宫联手推动默克尔败选。Such a scenario sounds unthinkable. 这听起来不堪设想。But Mr Trump has also described the Nato alliance as obsolete. 但特朗普还曾经形容北NATO)过时。Any genuine attempt to weaken Nato, or to undermine the governments of European allies would, however, encounter fierce resistance in Congress and the media, and could undermine his presidency.然而,如果特朗普真的尝试削弱北约或者削弱欧洲盟友的政府,他会遭到美国国会和媒体的激烈抵制,这可能削弱他作为总统的地位。Iran: Reversing US policy on Iran would be much easier for Mr Trump. 伊朗:对特朗普来说,扭转美国对伊政策要容易得多。Republicans in Congress share his disdain for Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. 和他一样,国会中的共和党人也不喜欢巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)与伊朗达成的核协议。Some of Mr Trump’s key appointees including General Michael Flynn, his national security adviser are particularly noted for their hostility towards Iran. 特朗普任命的一些关键人选——包括其国家安全顾问迈克弗林(Michael Flynn)——对伊朗尤其反感。Ripping up the nuclear deal could put the US on the road to a war with Iran. 撕毁核协议可能让美国走上与伊朗开战之路。Some of Mr Trump’s advisers may want precisely that outcome. 这可能正是特朗普的一些幕僚想要的结果。But it is less clear that the president-elect, who claims to have opposed the Iraq war, really has an appetite for another conflict in the Middle East.但目前不太清楚的是,号称反对伊拉克战争的当选总统,是否真的有胃口再卷入一场中东冲突。The Middle East and terrorism: Beyond Iran, the new president will face a series of conflicts, from Syria to Iraq and Afghanistan. 中东和恐怖主义:除了伊朗以外,新总统将会面临一系列冲突,从叙利亚、伊拉克,到阿富汗。Mr Trump has consistently advocated a much more ferocious approach to the war on radical Islamic terrorism. 特朗普一再主张在打击激进伊斯兰恐怖主义的战争中采取猛烈得多的手段。But his advisers disagree about what that might mean. 但他的顾问们对这一表述的涵义意见分歧。Some advocate much deeper American military and political involvement in the Middle East. 一些人主张大幅深化美国在中东的军事和政治介入。Others argue that such a policy would be counterproductive and are urging a much narrower concentration on counterterrorism.另一些人则认为此类政策适得其反,他们敦促缩小关注面,聚焦于反恐。China: Over the long run, the most important international issue facing the US is how to handle the rise of China. 中国:长期而言,美国面临的最重要的国际问题是如何应对中国的崛起。Mr Trump’s early moves have signalled the possibility of a radical change in America’s approach and a sharp rise in tensions with Beijing. 特朗普的初步动作表明,美国的策略可能发生根本改变,美中关系可能大幅加剧紧张。Mr Trump has talked of imposing punitive tariffs on Chinese exports. 特朗普谈到对中国输美产品征收惩罚性关税。His phone call with President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan reversed decades of US foreign policy and was a direct affront to Beijing.他与台湾总统蔡英Tsai Ing-wen)的通话逆转了几十年的美国外交政策,并直接冒犯了北京方面。Mr Trump has also endorsed significant expansion in the US Navy, which could signal a more aggressive American rejection of Beijing’s ambitions in the South China Sea. 特朗普还赞成显著扩充美国海军,这可能表明美国将更加强悍地抵制北京方面在南中国海的雄心。If there is a broader strategic thrust to Mr Trump’s thinking, it could be to split the informal alliance between Russia and China and instead form a Washington-Moscow axis.如果说特朗普的战略思维有什么整体的战略方向,那可能是瓦解俄罗斯和中国之间的非正式联盟,转而打造一个美俄轴心。But Mr Trump’s attitude to foreign policy smacks more of chaotic improvisation than strategic thinking. 但是,特朗普对外交政策的态度更像是混乱的即兴发挥,而不像是战略思维。The biggest questions about his approach may have more to do with process than policy. 关于其策略的最大问题可能在更大程度上关乎过程,而非政策。In a normal US administration, foreign policy shifts are debated between key departments of government and implemented after talks with allies; in the Trump administration, they are as likely to emerge from a 3am tweet.在一个正常的美国行政当局,要改变外交政策得首先在关键政府部门之间展开辩论,然后在与盟友磋商后实施;在特朗普政府,外交政策的改变可能在凌晨3点的推文中宣布。来 /201612/483985


  Donald Trump has continued to stoke the controversy over whether he would accept the result of next month’s presidential election, saying he would “accept a clear election resultbut would file a legal challenge “in case of a questionable result唐纳特朗Donald Trump)就是否会接受下月总统大选结果继续激发争议,称他会“接受一个明确的选举结果”,但“如果结果可疑”将提出法律挑战。In his first remarks since sparking bipartisan anger at the final presidential debate by suggesting he might not concede a loss on November 8, the Republican nominee told a rally in Ohio on Thursday that he would “abide by all of the rules and traditions of all of the many candidates who have come before me特朗普在最后一次总统辩论中暗示自己或许不会在11日承认失败,从而在两党都引发愤怒。随后这位共和党总统提名候选人周四在俄亥俄州的一个集会上表示,他将“遵守之前所有那么多候选人的一切规则和传统”。But he appeared to hedge his bets, saying he would “reserve my rightto launch legal proceedings if he found fault in the election, and taunted his critics by saying he would be happy to accept the result, but only if he were victorious.但他似乎为自己留了后路,表示如果他发现选举有瑕疵,他将“保留(提起法律诉讼)的权利”,并调侃他的批评者说他乐意接受结果——只要是他赢得大选。“I would like to promise and pledge to all my voters and supporters, and to all of the people of the ed States, that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if I win,he said.特朗普说:“我愿向我的所有选民和持者以及所有美国人民作出承诺和保,我将完全接受这场伟大的、历史性的总统选举的结果——只要我赢了。”His remarks were made after several Republican leaders condemned his claims the election process was rigged and his performance at the debate, where he said “I’ll keep you in suspensewhen was asked if he would concede if defeated.在做出上述前,多名共和党领袖谴责了特朗普宣称大选过程纵的言论以及他在辩论中的表现——当被问及如果落败是否会接受选举结果时,特朗普说“我先留个悬念”。John McCain, the Republican party’s failed 2008 presidential nominee, chastised his successor for questioning the integrity of the US election system, saying it was the duty of all losing candidates to accept the result.008年总统大选中失利的共和党提名候选人约翰.麦凯John McCain),批评了他的继任者对美国选举制度纯洁性的质疑,并称,接受选举结果是所有落选候选人的义务。来 /201610/473102。

  Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump dismissed his campaign manager last Monday as the New York billionaire developer was bogged down in controversies.上周一,共和党总统假定提名人、身家数十亿的纽约地产开发商唐纳德·特朗普因身陷争议,解雇了其竞选经理科釷莱万多夫斯基;The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, which has set a historic record in the Republican primary having received almost 14 million votes, has today announced that Corey Lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign,; according to a statement offered by the Trump campaign to The New York Times.根据由特朗普阵营向《纽约时报》提供的一份声明指出:“在共和党初选中创下了历史纪录、获得了400万张选票的唐纳德·特朗普竞选总统团队,今天正式宣布,科里·莱万多夫斯基将不再为竞选团队工作。”Also with a belligerent character as Trump, Lewandowski was reportedly in constant conflict with GOP officials at the Republican national committee.与特朗普一样,莱万多夫斯基性格好斗。据报道,他与共和党全国委员会的一些官员冲突不断。His competing relations with Trumps new campaign chairman Paul Manafort, an experienced presidential campaign advisor to many Republican candidates, was also a reason behind his dismissal, according to local media who cited sources familiar with the issue.当地媒体援引知情人士消息称,莱万多夫斯基与特朗普的新任竞选主席保罗·马纳伏-对于许多共和党候选人来说一位有经验的总统竞选顾-的竞争关系也是他被解雇的原因之一。The dismissal of one crucial member of Trumps core team came at a time when Trump was ripped by both Democrats and leaders within his own party after he made a series of controversial remarks, including his accusation that a Hispanic-American judge involving Trump University was biased.特朗普核心团队中这位关键成员被解雇之时,正值特朗普本人因发表了一系列有争议的言论,包括抨击一名负责审理“特朗普大学”案件的西语裔美国法官有所偏袒,而受到了党内外的强烈批评。来 /201606/451854


  Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe is pressing for President Vladimir Putin to be brought in from the cold, saying Russian help is crucial to tackling multiple crises in the Middle East.日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)敦促西方同俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)恢复合作,称俄罗斯的协助对解决中东的多重危机至关重要。In an interview with Nikkei and the Financial Times, Mr Abe said he was willing to go to Moscow as this year’s chair of the Group of Seven advanced economies, or to invite the Russian president to Tokyo.在接受日本经济新闻社(Nikkei)与英囀?金融时报》采访时,安倍表示,他愿意以七国集团(G7) 2016年轮值主席的身份访问莫斯科,或者邀请普京访问东京。Pointing to tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the war in Syria, and the threat of radical Islamism, Mr Abe said: “We need the constructive engagement of Russia.”在谈及沙特阿拉伯与伊朗之间的紧张关系、叙利亚内战以及激进伊斯兰主义的威胁时,安倍说:“我们需要俄罗斯的建设性参与。”The former G8 excluded Russia following its annexation of Crimea and military support for separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine. But while Japan has joined in sweeping economic sanctions, Mr Abe made clear he wants to work with Mr Putin.由于俄罗斯吞并了克里米亚并在军事上持乌克兰东部的分裂分子,原来的八国集G8)将俄罗斯赶出门外。虽然日本加入了对俄罗斯的全面经济制裁,但安倍明确表示希望与普京合作。“As chair of the G7, I need to seek solutions regarding the stability of the region as well as the whole world,he said, noting Japan’s ongoing territorial dispute with Russia over the Kuril Islands. “I believe appropriate dialogue with Russia, appropriate dialogue with president Putin is very important.”“作为七国集团轮值主席,我需要为地区乃至整个世界的稳定寻求解决方案,”他说。他特别提到了日俄之间关于千岛群Kuril islands)悬而未决的领土争端。“我相信,与俄罗斯适当的对话、与普京总统适当的对话非常重要。”As the only Asian nation in the club of rich democracies, Japan prizes its G7 membership, and Mr Abe is determined to make the most of the Ise-Shima summit he will host in May.作为富裕民主国家俱乐部中唯一的亚洲国家,日本高度重视其七国集团成员国身份,安倍决心要充分利用他将在今月主持的伊势志(Ise-Shima)峰会。Mr Abe’s call for engagement with Russia came despite his lauding the G7 as “a gathering of the champions of universal values like freedom, democracy, basic human rights and the rule of law He also voiced strong criticism of China’s attempt to “unilaterally change the status quoin the South China Sea.安倍在呼吁与俄罗斯接触的同时,盛赞七国集团为“自由、民主、基本人权以及法治等普世价值捍卫者的聚会”。他还对中国企图在南中国海“单方面改变现状”表示了强烈批评。Potential security threats to Japan were highlighted earlier this month when North Korea tested a nuclear weapon. Despite his efforts to secure the return of Japanese citizens kidnapped by North Korea, Mr Abe vowed to toughen sanctions, saying it is no time for him to visit Pyongyang.朝鲜本月早些时候进行的核武器试验突显了日本面临的潜在安全威胁。虽然正在努力争取被朝鲜绑架的日本公民回国,但安倍誓言要加强对朝鲜的制裁,并称现在还不是访问平壤的时候。“The nuclear test unilaterally conducted by North Korea is a clear violation of ed Nations resolutions,said the Japanese prime minister. “We must make clear to North Korea that as long as they resort to these activities, it will not be business as usual.”“朝鲜单方面进行的这次核试验明显违反了联合国决议,”安倍说,“我们必须让朝鲜明白,只要他们进行此类活动,一切就不会照旧。”Mr Abe piled moral pressure on South Korean president Park Geun-hye to implement their recent settlement over wartime “comfort womenhis biggest diplomatic achievement last year. He said it was “a commitment and promise made between leadersthat had been welcomed by countries around the world.安倍还向韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)施加道德压力,要求她贯彻两国近期就战时“慰安妇”问题达成的协议——安倍去年最大的外交成就。他称,这是“两国领导人之间做出的保与承诺”,受到了世界各国的欢迎。来 /201601/423732

  Japan accepted just 28 refugees in last year, one more than it took in 2015, underscoring its ultra-strict approach to asylum at a time when other nations are increasingly reluctant to take in people fleeing war or persecution.去年日本仅接受了28名难民,015年多了一个。在其他国家越来越不愿接受逃离战争或迫害的难民的时候,这一数字突显日本对庇护申请采取超级严格态度。The tiny number of successful claims held steady despite a 44 per cent jump in claims for refugee status to 10,901. That meant a success rate for asylum claims of 0.26 per cent.虽然难民申请猛增44%,达0901人,但成功申请的人数仍然很少。上述数字意味着庇护申请的成功率.26%。As restrictions on asylum seekers sp around the world, including moves by president Donald Trump to ban people from certain countries from entry to the US, the figures highlight how Japan has long operated a system to deter and reject most seeking asylum.随着对寻求庇护者的限制在全球蔓延,包括美国总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)采取行动禁止某些国家的人士入境美国,上述数字突显日本长期运行的机制遏止和拒绝了绝大多数庇护申请。“Japan has a very, very strict refugee policy,said Eri Ishikawa, chair of the Japan Association for Refugees. “They really prioritise immigration control rather than refugee protection.”日本难民援协Japan Association for Refugees)事务局长石川惠Eri Ishikawa)表示:“日本的难民政策非常、非常严格。他们真正优先考虑的是移民控制,而不是难民保护。”There were 1,829 asylum applications from Indonesia, 1,451 from Nepal, 1,412 from the Philippines, 1,143 from Turkey and 1,072 from Vietnam. Among those accepted, seven came from Afghanistan, four from Ethiopia, three from Eritrea and two from Bangladesh.来自印度尼西亚的庇护申请829个,来自尼泊尔的1451个,来自菲律宾的1412个,来自土耳其143个,来自越南072个。被接受的难民中7个来自阿富汗个来自埃塞俄比亚个来自厄立特里亚个来自孟加拉囀?Tokyo also granted 97 people humanitarian leave to remain and resettled 18 refugees from Myanmar who were living in Malaysia.东京方面还基于人道主义理由给7人居留权,并重新安置了马来西亚收容的18个缅甸难民。Japan accepts these tiny numbers of refugees despite nominally complying with the same international conventions as countries such as the UK, which granted asylum to 9,975 people in 2015; the US, which admitted 84,994 last year; and Germany, which has taken in hundreds of thousands of Syrians over the past few years.日本名义上与英国等国家遵守相同的国际公约,但只接纳这么少难民015年英国给975人庇护,2016年美国接纳了84994人,德国在过去几年接纳了数十万叙利亚人。Relatively few potential applicants reach Japan to start with, since they generally need a passport and a visa. They also need to submit extensive documentation in Japanese.首先,抵达日本的潜在申请者相对较少,因为他们通常需要护照和签,还需要提交大量日文文件。“Japan has a very unique interpretation of the rules on asylum,said Ms Ishikawa. “An applicant must be individually targeted by the authorities of their home country. “Even if a Syrian had joined an anti-Assad demonstration and feared to return home, for example, their claim would be rejected.”石川表示:“日本对庇护规则有着非常独特的解释。申请人必须在个人层面受到本国当局的迫害。例如,就算一个叙利亚人参加了反阿萨德示威活动,因而害怕回家,他们的申请也会被拒绝。”Decisions on refugee status can take a number of years, so in practice applicants can receive a tough quasi-asylum in Japan for a period.难民申请的裁决可能需要几年时间,因此在实践中申请人可能在日本度过一段艰难的准庇护时期。Of those ultimately rejected, some are deported, although Japan does not publish clear figures on deportations.至于申请最终遭拒的人,有些被递解出境,不过日本没有公布递解出境的明确数字。来 /201702/492151




  WASHINGTON President Barack Obama on Tuesday angrily denounced Donald Trump for his rhetoric in the aftermath of the shooting massacre in Orlando, Florida, saying the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was peddling a “dangerousmind-set that recalls the darkest periods in American history.华盛顿——本周二,美国总统贝拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)愤怒地谴责了共和党总统提名人唐纳德·特朗Donald Trump)关于佛罗里达州奥兰多大规模击案的言论,称他兜售“危险”心态,令人想起美国历史上最黑暗的时期。“We hear language that singles out immigrants and suggests entire religious communities are complicit in violence,Obama said at the Treasury Department. His statement came after a meeting with his national security team on the status of the U.S. effort against the Islamic State, which the president said had been dominated by discussion of the Orlando rampage.“我们听到一些针对移民的言论,暗示整个宗教界串通一气从事暴力行为,”奥巴马在财政部说。他是在和国家安全团队开完会后发表这番讲话的。会议的主题是美国对伊斯兰国(Islamic State)的打击。总统表示,奥兰多事件的讨论占据了本次会议的中心。“Where does this stop?the president said of Trump’s approach, noting that he had proposed a ban on admitting Muslims into the ed States, and that the Orlando assailant, like perpetrators of previous domestic terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California, and Fort Hood, Texas, was an American citizen.“什么时候才是个头啊?”奥巴马提到特朗普的办法时说。他指出,特朗普提议禁止穆斯林进入美国境内,而奥兰多事件就像之前在加利福尼亚州圣贝纳迪诺和德克萨斯州胡德堡发生的境内恐怖袭击一样,凶手都是美国公民。“Are we going to start treating all Muslim-Americans differently? Are we going to start subjecting them to special surveillance? Are we going to start discriminating against them because of their faith?Obama said, his voice rising during his most direct condemnation yet of Trump. “Do Republican officials actually agree with this?”“我们要开始区别对待所有的美国穆斯林吗?我们打算开始对他们进行特殊监控吗?我们打算开始由于他们的信仰而歧视他们吗?”奥巴马的音量越来越高。“共和党官员真的同意这样做吗?”这是他至今为止对特朗普最直白的批评。The president, who has steadfastly refused to use the term “radical Islamto describe the Islamic State, which he calls ISIL, also bitterly rejected criticism from Trump and other Republicans about failing to use the phrase.奥巴马以缩写ISIL称呼伊斯兰国。他一直坚决拒绝用“激进伊斯兰”来对其进行描述。特朗普和其他一些共和党人因此批评他,遭到了他的尖锐反驳。“If there’s anyone out there who thinks we’re confused about who our enemies are, that would come as a surprise to the thousands of terrorists who we’ve taken off the battlefield,Obama said. “There’s no magic to the phrase ‘radical Islam it’s a political talking point, it’s not a strategy.”“我们在战场上消灭了成千上万的恐怖分子。如果还有人觉得我们不明白究竟谁是我们的敌人,就连那些恐怖分子也会感觉奇怪,”奥巴马说。“‘激进伊斯兰’这个说法没有什么奇效;它是一个政治话题,不是一项策略。”The president said he would not use the wording because he was unwilling to give the Islamic State the victory of accepting their vision of themselves as leaders of a holy war between Islam and the West.总统说他之所以不会使用这一措辞,是因为伊斯兰国自认为是伊斯兰教和西方之间圣战的领导人,而他不愿意让他们感觉得到了承认。“If we fall into the trap of painting all Muslims with a broad brush and imply that we are at war with an entire religion, then we are doing the terroristswork for them,Obama said.“如果我们掉进陷阱,过于简单地把所有穆斯林划归成一类,暗示我们是在和整个伊斯兰教开战,那么我们就是在帮恐怖分子的忙,”奥巴马说。Obama is scheduled to travel to Orlando on Thursday to visit with the surviving victims and the families of those killed in the rampage on Sunday morning.奥巴马定于本周四前往奥兰多,看望周日凌晨击案的幸存者和遇难者家属。On Tuesday, he called on Congress to enact gun restrictions that they have so far resisted, including the resurrection of a ban on assault weapons and a measure that would bar the ability to purchase guns to those on no-fly lists because of suspected terrorist ties.周二,他呼吁国会通过他们一直抗拒的械限制措施,包括恢复对进攻性武器的禁令,以及一项禁止向因为涉嫌勾结恐怖分子而上了禁飞名单的人出售的提案。“Enough talking about being tough on terrorism,Obama said. “Actually be tough on terrorism and stop making it as easy as possible for terrorists to buy assault weapons.”“严厉打击恐怖主义的话已经说得够多了,”奥巴马说。“要真正行动起来,不再让恐怖分子那么轻易就买到攻击性武器。”来 /201606/449674

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