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For soldiers and spies,gaining access to buildings is a vital strategic and survival skill.对于士兵和间谍 进入建筑是重要的战略和生存技能This thing#39;s set to blow.Soak this bandage in the diesel.炸弹安装完毕 用柴油浸泡绷带But it should never be attempted without the proper training.没接受过正确培训千万不要尝试As soon as this lights, you move back.Do exactly as I say, okay?一旦点着 向后退 照我说的做 好吗Okay.Fingers in ears.The charge is detonated with a loud explosion and a serious fireball.好了 手指堵住耳朵 随着一声巨响和一团巨大的火球 炸弹爆炸了We#39;re in, we#39;re in.The wood around the entrance is alight,and I want to wait for the flame to die down.我们进去 进去 入口处的木头还在燃烧 我想等火势小了The door#39;s been successfully blown,but I got to get through the flames to get in.门被成功的炸飞了 但我必须穿过火舌才能进入Check out the scale of this place.看看这地方规模多大You know, it#39;s not just the wild that can feel vast and intimidating.It#39;s just huge.不只是荒野才会有 广袤和恐怖之感 太大了It#39;s a massive abandoned workshop the size of four football fields and the height of a cathedral.这是个已废弃的巨大厂房 有四个足球场那么大以及大教堂那么高All the workers have long gone,but other creatures have started to settle in.工人们是早就离去了 但是其他生物开始入住此地Look, there#39;s feathers everywhere here.It#39;s more likely gonna be pigeon.看见没 到处都是羽毛 很可能是鸽子的羽毛It#39;s just the sort of place they#39;re gonna like big, old, abandoned building, loads of place to shelter from the weather.这就是它们喜欢的地方 巨大的废弃老建筑 可以为它们遮风挡雨You know, but where there#39;s pigeons, there#39;s also gonna be eggs.一般来说 哪里有鸽子哪里就有鸽子蛋What I do know about pigeons is they like to nest high.就我所了解 鸽子喜欢在高地筑巢Getting up high in this building means a climb up through a serious forest of metal.攀爬这样一座建筑 就相当于攀爬慎人的钢筋丛林一般 Article/201610/470240郑州注射微整形皮肤管理培训学校Part 2(食) 5:单句-在比萨饼店英语口语900句文本下载 /200708/16830鸡西学习打爱贝芙逸美双美胶原蛋白微整形培训学校You know what today is, right? Em..Classic Joke Monday?你肯定知道今天是什么日子吧?呃……周一传统笑话日?It#39;s classic joke Monday!-Wow..good.-Yes!是周一的传统笑话日!哇哦……太棒了 是的Tell me.-Hahaha... Classic joke Monday.跟我说 -哈哈哈哈…… 周一的传统笑话日Why was the strawberry in trouble?-I don#39;t know. Why was the strawberry in Trouble?为什么草莓在危险中?不知道 为什么草莓在危险中?He got in the jam. Hahahahahahaha...他在果酱里 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈……Classic joke Monday is been searching here people now sending me jokes on facebook.周一传统笑话日是搜集人们发到我facebook上的笑话Today I thought I#39;ll share a few with you.我想今天我会分享很多笑话给你们And em..there are some good ones. Ok. Alright.然后嗯……这里有一个好的 好的They can#39;t really be bad cause they#39;re kind of bad.-yeah...她们不能变成坏的因为他们有点坏 是的……Em...Andries...Andress..Andriss Andles...Andres...em..Guevara...嗯……安德里斯……安德烈斯……安德里斯 安德斯……安德斯……嗯……格瓦拉……Em..what#39;s a pirate#39;s favorite place to visit?嗯……哪一个海盗最喜欢去?What is a pirate#39;s favorite place to visit ...I don#39;t know.哪一个海盗最喜欢去……我不知道?ARRRRRRgentina. Alright.Hahahahaha... Hahahahaha....阿根廷 是的 哈哈哈哈哈哈……哈哈哈哈哈……Em..Letbeg...Lettbeg... Hahah..Luttbeg Hahaha...嗯……Letbag……Lettbeg…… 哈哈哈……Luttbeg 哈哈哈……Miriam Luttbeg says..Hahahahaha...Miriam Luttbeg说……哈哈哈哈哈……How did the rabbit propose to his girlfriend?兔子怎么向他的女朋友求婚?How did the rabbit propose to his girlfriend?-With a 14 carrot ring. Wow...Hahahaha...Wow...兔子怎么向他的女朋友求婚?用14个萝卜做成的戒指 哇哦……哈哈哈哈哈……哇哦……Find out when it#39;s on in your town at ellentv.com在ellentv.com上发现什么时候我们回到你的小镇上 Article/201706/513621Ripening fig trees, overhanging the water#39;s edge, provide welcome food for shoals of hungry fish.水边生长着高大的无花果树,为饥饿的鱼群提供美味食物The commotion attracts dorado, known locally as the river tiger.骚动引来了麻哈脂鲤,当地人称之为“河中之虎”They patrol the feeding shoals looking for a chance to strike.它们穿梭于觅食的鱼群中,找准机会发动进攻And waiting in the wings, y to pick off any injured fish, are the piranhas.有些鱼则守在一旁等待,时刻准备攻击任何受伤的鱼,它们就是锯脂鲤A feeding frenzy quickly develops.它们的进食速率极快Piranha can strip a fish to the bone in minutes.锯脂鲤几分钟内便能将一条活鱼啃得只剩下骨架Great numbers of fish sustain vast flocks of water birds.大量的鱼养活着大批聚集的水鸟The roseate spoonbill is just one of the 650 bird species found in the Pantanal.粉红琵鹭是潘塔纳尔沼泽地中的650多种鸟类中的一种They nest alongside woodstorks in colonies thousands strong.它们将巢建在树干上,一群多达好几千只。Spectacled caiman linger below, waiting for a meal to fall out of the sky.眼镜凯门鳄在下面游荡,等着食物从天而降。 Article/201706/513730宿州打胸臀卧蝉泪沟培训班学校

石拐区祛痘青春痘痘印痘疤痘坑培训学校建华区注射微整形皮肤管理培训学校【视频讲解】When it comes to wine, the concept of ;terroir; is sort of a nebulous thing. Terroir is sometimes translated as the wine#39;s character.就葡萄酒而言,风土条件这个概念极其模糊。风土条件有时会转变成葡萄酒的品质。Terroir 水土综合特性What the French call terroir -- a term that refers to the soil of a given region but also includes the cultural knowledge of the people who grow and process grapes -- is crucial.法国人称为“terroir”——指特定地区土壤的一种说法,其中也包括种植和加工葡萄者的文化知识——的风土条件是关键。nebulous1. 星云的:关于或类似星云的2. 朦胧的; 模糊的,The notions we children were able to form of the great world beyond were exceedingly nebulous. 我们这些孩子对外部世界所能形成的认识是非常模糊的。Translate 转变Reforming the stagnant economy requires harsh measures that would translate into job losses. 改革停滞的经济需要严厉措施,而这将造成失业。Here#39;s how my friend Valerie, a wine importer, explained it: ;I would say terroir is a specific set of natural elements that all come together in harmony to produce a very specific outcome.我朋友瓦莱丽是一名葡萄酒进口商,她是这样解释的:“我认为风土条件是一组特定的自然元素,所有元素和谐地组合在一起,会产生非常具体的结果。Specific1. 特定的 (部位、问题、主题等)(You use specific to refer to a particular exact area, problem, or subject.)There are several specific problems to be dealt with. 有好几个特定问题要解决。2. 确切的 exactShe declined to be more specific about the reasons for the separation.她拒绝给出导致分手的更确切的原因。3. 针对…的Send your resume with a cover letter that is specific to that particular job.将你的简历和专门为那份工作而写的附信一并寄送。The soil, the exposure to the sun, the drainage, the proximity to water, the fog, all of these things, they all come together in an expression that we find beautifully in the grape.;土壤、暴露在阳光下、排水系统、临近水域、雾气等,所有这些元素结合在一起,可以说我们在葡萄里发现了美好之处”Proximity 接近,邻近:临近或相临的状态、性质、感觉或事实;接近:“Swift#39;s major writings have a proximity and a relevance that is splendidly invigorating”(M.D. Aeschliman) “斯威夫特的主要作品有一令人非常激动的亲切感和现实意义”(M.D.埃斯奇里曼)in an expression 从某种意义上说Demonstrators have defaced and destroyed posters of Obama in an expression of dissatisfaction with U.S. policy in the region.抗议者损坏甚至是破坏奥巴马的海报,也就说对于美国政治的不满!Some of those factors might be hard to measure. But here#39;s a new one that might contribute a quantifiable essence to terroir: the grapes#39; microbiome.有一些元素可能很难去衡量。但是有一个可以影响土壤的可量化本质的新元素——葡萄的微生物群。Essence本质(the essence of something is its basic and most important characteristic that gives it its individual identity )The essence of consultation is to listen to, and take account of, the views of those consulted.咨询的本质是倾听并把那些被咨询者的观点考虑进来。Contribute 是 (造成某情况) 的一个原因( cause lead)The report says design faults in both the vessels contributed to the tragedy. 报道称两艘船在设计上的缺陷是造成悲剧的原因。;It certainly could be that the ;house microbiome; influences the wines in overt or subtle ways that we don#39;t understand yet.; David Mills, a microbiologist at U.C. Davis. Mills worked with the Far Niente and Nickel amp; Nickel wineries in California#39;s Napa Valley.“微生物群”会以明显或隐蔽的方式影响葡萄酒,只不过我们现在还不理解这种方式。这是戴维斯加州大学的微生物学家大卫#8226;米尔斯的看法。米尔斯曾在加利福尼亚州纳帕山谷的法尼恩特酒厂和尼克尔与尼克尔酒庄工作。Overt1. 明显的Although there is no overt hostility, black and white students do not mix much.虽然没有明显的敌意,但黑人学生和白人学生还是交往不多。2. 公开Experts worry the young Kim may now seek to boost his standing within the military with an overt show of violence.另外还有专家担心,金正恩现在可能会通过公然展示其暴力倾向,来巩固他在军方的地位Subtle1. 不十分明显的;深奥的:gt; 微妙“subtle smiles resulting from subjectively humorous experiences unguessed by the world at large”(Josephine Dodge Bacon)“来自于个人幽默的经验所发出的微笑是不为世人所能想象的到的令人费解的微笑”(约瑟芬#8226;道奇#8226;培根)2. 技艺精湛的,聪明的:以技能或才智为特征的;聪明的:“a journalist whose subtle views on the hard issues of our time are rooted in a tough mind and a demanding ethical sensibility”(New Republic)“一位就我们时代的一些难题有敏锐见解的新闻记者,他的敏锐的见解根植于不屈不挠的精神和苛求的道德的敏感性”(新共和国)The winemakers took five samples of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon fermentations as the juice transformed to wine. Then Mills and his colleagues ran microbial and chemical tests on those time-dependent samples.葡萄酒生产商将夏敦埃酒和卡百内红葡萄酒的五个发酵样品作为汁液制成葡萄酒。然后米尔斯和同事对这些依赖时间的样品进行了微生物测试和化学测试。Ferment1. 发酵 》 2. 骚乱It is worth noting that Iran‘s current revolutionary ferment arose from the unlikeliest of sources。最值得关注就是,伊朗当前的革命骚乱来自于“最不可能”原因Transform 使…变形:明显地改变…外观或形式:“A thick, fibrous fog had transformed the trees into ghosts and the streetlights into soft, haloed moons”(David Michael Kaplan)“浓密厚重的雾使树木看起来象鬼魂,街灯看起来象是带着柔和光晕的月亮”(戴维#8226;迈克尔#8226;卡普兰) They found that the bacterial and fungal species on the grapes corresponded to a certain chemical fingerprint—a mix of metabolites—in the finished wines.他们发现,在成品葡萄酒中,葡萄上的细菌和真菌物种与一个特定的化学指纹图谱相对应,其对应的就是代谢物的混合体。correspond to 相类似;相关;相对应;Racegoers will be given a number which will correspond to a horse running in a race.观看赛马的观众将领到一个与参赛马匹相对应的号码。Metabolite 代谢物 《 metabolism新陈代谢If you skip breakfast, your metabolism slows down.你如果不吃早饭,新陈代谢速度会减慢。;And we also were able to use this to predict and make a model, where we might be able to predict the kind of metabolites that show up in a wine.; They did not do sensory tests in this study—no smelling or tasting.“我们也能利用这个来进行预测并做出模型,我们也许能预测出现在葡萄酒中的代谢产物的类型。”在这项研究中,他们没有进行感官测试,没有闻气味,也没有进行品尝。show up 出现;露面;They show up wherever the work is difficult.哪里工作艰苦,他们就出现在哪里。show, display, expose, parade, exhibit, flaunt这些动词的意思是将某物展示给人看。Show 是最普通的一个:“She hated to show her feelings” (John Galsworthy).“她厌恶流露她的情感” (约翰#8226;高尔斯华绥)。Display 经常暗示展示某物以获得最大利益的一种尝试:“Few ‘letters home’ of successful men or women display the graces of modesty and self-forgetfulness” (H.G. Wells).“事业有成的男性或女性很少写信回家,这显示出廉逊与忘我的美德” (H#8226;G 威尔士)。Expose 通常涉及揭露某事或使其从隐蔽处显露出来:His comment exposed his insensitivity.他的意见暴露了他感觉的迟钝。Parade 经常暗示一种自命不凡的或爱卖弄的展示:“He early discovered that, by parading his unhappiness before the multitude, he produced an immense sensation” (Macaulay).“他很早就发现通过向众人诉说他的凄苦产生了巨大的轰动” (麦考利)。Exhibit 通常暗示吸引观看的公开展览:“The works of art, by being publicly exhibited and offered for sale, are becoming articles of trade” (Prince Albert).“这些艺术品通过公开展览和标价出售,已变成了贸易品” (普林斯#8226;阿尔伯特)。flaunt 暗示一种不害羞的、充满自豪的,通常傲慢的展示:“Every great hostelry flaunted the flag of some foreign potentate” (John Dos Passos). “每一个大旅店上都招展着某一外国君主的旗帜” (约翰#8226;多斯#8226;帕索斯) But along with past research, the findings suggest that microbes do affect the wines#39; terroir. The study appears in the journal mBio.连同过去的研究,研究结果表明,微生物的确会影响葡萄酒的品质。这一研究发表在《mBio》期刊上。Affect gt; affection 喜爱,喜欢Without their support and affection and love, I don#39;t think we could have pulled it off.没有他们的持,喜爱和爱,我认为我们是无法完成任务的!Appear gt; appearance1. 外表; 外观She used to be so fussy about her appearance. 她过去过分在意自己的外表。 2. 表象We tried to meet both children#39;s needs without the appearance of favouritism or unfairness. 我们试图在没有偏爱或不公平的表象下满足两个孩子的需要。 Mills says microbes could help winemakers differentiate their wines from competitors#39;...and diagnose trouble before fermentation even begins.米尔斯表示,微生物可以让酿酒师使他们的葡萄酒从竞争中脱颖而出。甚至可以在发酵开始前就诊断问题differentiate1. 区分A child may not differentiate between his imagination and the real world.孩子也许无法区分想像与真实世界的差别。2. 使有差别;使不同;I am trying to differentiate my work from others.我将要把工作做得与众不同。 ;I mean I can imagine a winemaker would want to know at the start of their fermentations, is it a good microbiota year or is it a not so good microbiota year? And maybe they can change their winemaking practice accordingly.; While we wine drinkers raise a glass to those terroir-forming microbes.“我的意思是,我可以想象一名酿酒师会在开始发酵之前就想知道这是一个好的微生物群年还是一个不太好的微生物群年?而且,也许他们可以相应地改变他们的酿酒方法。而我们葡萄酒饮用者则为这些形成风土条件的微生物群举杯。 microbiota 微生物区系Accordingly1. 相应(If you consider a situation and then act accordingly, the way you act depends on the nature of the situation)It is a difficult job and they should be paid accordingly.艰巨的工作,理应获得相当报酬2. 因此We have a different background, a different history. Accordingly, we have the right to different futures.我们拥有不同的背景、不同的历史。因此,我们有权获得不一样的前途。 Article/201706/515762This is a problem that calls for immediate solution.这是个迫切需要解决的问题。call for需要;也指某件事是适宜的,需要的。Wow! Your birthday is today,that calls for a celebration.哇!今天是你的生日,那得庆祝一下。 /200802/27391太仆寺旗注射填充整形美容微整形培训机构There are 29 beauty salons behind this door, each one has only one stylist.这扇门后面有29个美发沙龙。每个沙龙只有一位造型师。And to make an appointment, all you need to do is contact the stylist directly.直接联系造型师即可进行预约。Every professional has his or her own salon and brand and has fewer worries that are typical for small business owners.每个专业人士都有自己的沙龙和品牌,而他们却少有那些小企业主常有的担忧。They are their own bosses with no employees and only one requirement—paying rent on time.他们自己做老板,不雇佣员工,对于他们的唯一要求就是:准时缴纳房租。;People want to be independent and they want to have control of their own schedules.“人们想要独立,想控制自己的时间表。They want to have control of their pricing and the services that they offer.他们希望自主定价,能对自己提供的务有主动权。And it provides the incentive for them to make more money if they know that the money they get paid is theirs.如果他们知道挣到的钱就是自己拿到的钱,这就会激励他们赚更多的钱。So they can build their business, okay? And they pay a fixed rent.;所以他们就可以拓展自己的业务,对吧?他们需付固定的租金。”The first Sola Salon Studios Franchisee opened in Denver in 2004.第一家Sola沙龙工作室特许经营商于2004年在丹佛开始经营。Don and Jeff DeBolt heard about its success and visited it in 2012.唐·德伯特和杰夫·德伯特这对父子听说了它的成功,在2012年前去参观。;We walk in and were greeted by this lovely, lovely stylist.“我们去到那里,见到了非常、非常可爱的造型师。We said, #39;we#39;re not just looking because we#39;re interested in this. We may want to take it into Washington, D.C..#39;我们说,‘我们不只是随便看看,因为我们对此很感兴趣。我们想把它带到华盛顿。’She exploded. She said, #39;I can#39;t tell you how this is changing my life, four years ago, I couldn#39;t even make a car payment some once.#39;;她很激动。她说,‘我无法告诉你这如何改变我的生活。四年前,我甚至有些时候付不起停车费。’”The DeBolts leased office space in Alexandria and furnished it according to the Franchisee agreement.德伯特父子在亚历山德里亚租赁了办公区域,并按照加盟商协议进行装修。Then they put an ad in the local newspaper that said, #39;Own you own salon and be your own boss.#39;然后他们在当地报纸刊登广告,说:“拥有你自己的沙龙,成为你自己的老板”。Within minutes, they got a phone call from local hairstylist Sue Scott.几分钟后,他们接到了当地的发型师苏·斯科特的电话。;I called Jeff and he said, I said, #39;Oh my gosh, do you have any more studios left?#39; And he said yeah.“我打电话给杰夫,他说,我说:‘哦,天哪,你们还有没出租的工作室吗?’他说有。I mean he posted it like ten minutes before I called him. ;I#39;d like to be a little bit lighter,;其实我想说,我打电话给他的时候,可能广告打出来还不到十分钟。“我想把头发打薄一些。”With the support from several clients, Sue was able to start her own business.在几位客户的持下,苏成功开创了自己的事业。;You#39;re like one... like a one-woman show, one -man show.;“就像一个人......就像个人秀一样。”Iya Dedo waited for an opportunity to open a salon for two years.两年来,伊娅·德多一直在等机会开美发沙龙。;They help with my life now because I don#39;t have to stay here till nine o#39;clock just sitting if I#39;m not busy.“他们帮助改变了我的生活,因为如果店里不忙的话,我不必一直在这里待着,非得等到九点钟才能走。I can do a client, go to something else, come back and you know, take another client and finish up my day like that.;我可以接待完一个顾客,去做点别的事情,然后回来,再接待别的顾客,这样来度过我的一天。”Some stylists have curtains and blinds on the window, some leave their doors open for privacy withdraws new clients.一些造型师店里的窗户上装有窗帘和百叶窗。也有的造型师会把店门打开,因为他们认为过于隐秘的空间可能会让新顾客们望而却步。;This is nice because it#39;s quiet and it#39;s private, so when we were here, just the two of us.;“这很好,因为很安静,也有私人空间。所以当我们在这里的时候,就是我们两个人。”Landlords Don and Jeff rarely drop by, their goal is to help the tenants, not to control them.房东唐和杰夫很少去到这些工作室。他们的目标是帮助租户,而不是要控制他们。They provide stylists with the equipment and pay for the first shipment of products.他们为造型师提供设备并付产品首次的运输费用。The DeBolts now own three Sola Salon Studios, all units are rented out, what is the secret of their success?德伯特家族现在拥有三家Sola沙龙工作室。所有店面都租了出去。他们成功的秘诀是什么?Don and Jeff have a simple criterion—Who wants to share their profit?唐和杰夫有一个简单的标准,那就是:谁想跟别人分享自己的利润呢?For Anush Avetisyan, I#39;m Joy Vagner, VOA News, Alexandria, Virginia.VOA新闻,Anush Avetisyan撰稿,Joy Vagner于弗吉尼亚州,亚历山德里亚为您播报。 Article/201706/514703丰镇市注射填充整形美容微整形培训机构

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