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谷城县不孕不育医院哪家好襄樊市妇幼保健中医院泌尿科咨询Disagreements with your best friend will happen from time to time. Take the initiative and mend a missed and broken friendship.与最好的朋友会出现意见分歧的情况时有发生。采纳以下建议,修补出现嫌隙的友情。You Will Need你需要Communication交流Sympathy感同身受Time时间Steps步骤Step 1 Assess situation1.评估形势Assess the situation and figure out what went wrong.评估一下形势,看一下什么地方出现问题。Step 2 Reach out2.主动示好Be humble and reach out to your lost friend. Write a letter, send a card or an email, and invite them to talk or get together.谦逊地联络即将失去的朋友。写信,寄卡片或电子邮件,邀请他们谈话或聚会。Be patient and wait for a response. Your friend may not be y to mend the friendship.耐心地等待回应。你的朋友或许还没准备好和好如初。Step 3 Express your feelings3.表达你的感受Express your feelings about the situation that broke the friendship. Be honest, calm, and polite.表达你对友情破裂的感受。做到诚恳,平静,有礼貌。Step 4 Apologize4.道歉Apologize to your friend. If you feel you did not cause the broken friendship, take the initiative and apologize for how you reacted.向朋友道歉。如果你觉得造成友情破裂不是你的原因,也要采取主动,为自己的反应道歉。Step 5 Be sympathetic5.感同身受Be sympathetic to your friend#39;s point of view.对朋友的观点表示理解。Step 6 Acknowledge change6. 承认变化Acknowledge and accept that your friendship may never be the same.承认并接受现实,你们的友情已经不同于以前了。Step 7 Cherish your friendship7.珍惜友情Cherish your friendship and make time to grow and keep your connections strong.珍惜你们之间的友情,花点时间让你们的关系更加牢固。Depression will affect approximately 1/4 of all women and 1/8 of all men at least once in their lifetime.一生之中,抑郁情绪会影响大约1/4的女性和1/8的男性至少一次。 Article/201411/344383湖北襄阳男科电话 There are simple tasks and then there are incredibly simple tasks. Boiling water is even simpler than that. But hey, nobody#39;s calling you a moron—there#39;s a first time for everything.有一些任务很简单,也有一些任务简单得难以置信。煲开水简单得无与伦比。但是,没有人会笑你是白痴,什么事都有第一次。 You Will Need你需要Water水A pot with a lid有盖的水壶A stove top炉子Steps步骤STEP 1 Choose pot1.选择水壶Choose a pot with a greater volume than the amount of water you plan to boil. Do so in private, so nobody#39;s there to say,;Uh, duh.;选择容积比你准备煮的水的体积稍大的水壶。私下进行,这样就没有人会对你表示轻蔑。STEP 2 Pour water2.倒水Pour fresh, cold tap water into the pot. Make sure there#39;s at least 3 inches of space between the rim of the pot and the surface of the water.向水壶中倒入新鲜的自来水。确保水面和水壶上边缘之间至少有3英寸的空间。If you#39;re boiling water to cook with (and not just for fun) you#39;ll be adding something to it, so be sure to leave enough room for whatever you#39;re cooking, too.如果你煲水是为了煮东西(而不是单纯为了有趣而煮),也就是说你要向水里加东西,确保为你准备煮的食材预留足够的空间。STEP 3 Place pot on burner3.把水壶放在炉子上Turn the burner to high, place the pot on the burner, and cover the pot with a lid that fits snugly. This keeps in the heat and helps the water boil faster.把炉子烧热,把水壶放在炉子上,盖上合适的盖子。这样隔热效果比较好,水烧得比较快。STEP 4 Watch the pot4.观察水壶They say a watched pot never boils, but that#39;s not literally true. First, steam will form between the water and the lid;next, small bubbles will appear around the bottom and edges of the pot; finally, the bubbles will become large enough to break the surface of the water.他们说心急水不开,但这并不一定正确。首先,水和盖子之间会形成水蒸汽。接下来,水壶的底部和边缘周围会出现一些小的水泡;最后,水泡越来越大,足以打破平静的水面。STEP 5 Boil water5.水沸腾Once large bubbles are flowing in steady streams from the bottom to the top of the pot, the water is boiling. That#39;s it!当大的水泡稳定地从底部往顶部流动时,水就沸腾了。完成!You#39;ve done it! Cue the trumpets and congratulate yourself—you#39;re at least as smart as a not-so-smart monkey. Boiling water is very hot.你做到了!吹起小喇叭,恭喜自己——你至少像不那么聪明的猴子一样聪明。要记住,煮沸的水非常热。视频听力译文由。 Article/201410/333233Getting a strange sensation现有有一种奇怪的感觉A feeling as though there#39;s something bad out here似乎这里有某种不祥的东西a malevolent presence.一个不怀好意的家伙The one thing we didn#39;t want to encounter这是我们不想遇到的东西Impossibly black, blotting out the stars behind it无比的黑暗遮挡了它后面的星星We’re staring into the face of extinction我们正在凝视的就是灭绝the remains of a giant star巨大恒星的残骸a black hole.黑洞Far denser than a pulsar它比脉冲星密度高得多and impossible to resist无法抗拒Its gravity is so intense, not even light can escape.它的引力之大连光线也无法逃脱This asteroid, it#39;s a lump of solid rock这颗小行星就是一块岩石but it#39;s actually stretching, being dragged towards the gaping hole但它正在被拉长,被黑洞吸引过去Inside, there#39;s no matter as we know it.黑洞内部没有我们已知的物质No time, no space, all the rules of physics collapse.没有时间,没有空间,所有的物理定律在这里都会崩溃The asteroid is gone那个小行星消失了Nobody really know where没人知道它的下落This is the edge of human understanding这是人类理解力的极限There could be millions of black hole creeping around our galaxy我们的D818C9A5里可能潜伏着数百万个黑洞more perhaps than all the stars in the sky更有可能比天空的所有的恒星都多But we wouldn#39;t see them until it was too late.但是当我们看到黑洞的时候就为时已晚了Like this star, spiraling像这颗恒星,旋转disappearing, down an invisible sinkhole消失在一个隐形的黑洞中Who#39;s to say we don#39;t live inside a vast black hole谁能说我们不是生活在一个巨大的黑洞中that the whole universe isn#39;t inside one right now整个宇宙说不定也是处于inside another universe?另一个宇宙的黑洞中Think about it for too long and your mind reels这些东西想久了,你会头晕脑胀Sometimes it feels like the more we see, the less we know.有时感觉我们看到的越多,了解的却越少And we#39;re still in our own galaxy, the Milky Way..我们仍在我们的系内the vastness of the universe beyond still lies ahead无垠的宇宙还在我们前方The wonders, the dangers, the secrets, they#39;re out there奇迹、危险和秘密都在那里waiting to be discovered正等着被探索 Article/201507/386182樊城区看妇科哪家医院最好的

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襄樊市妇幼保健中医院看妇科炎症多少钱Nowhere in Cromwell#39;s strong-arm regime did his shock troops seem to enjoy their work more thoroughly than in the visitations to the monasteries,在克伦威尔的高压统治下 他的突击队从修道院中攫取了前所未有的满足感done with lightning speed during the course of 1535 and early 1536.他们以迅雷不及掩耳之势 于1535至1536年初横扫各地The uprooting of nearly 10,000 monks and nuns,几近一万名僧尼惨遭迫害the destruction of an entire ancient way of life had little to do with reforming zeal.旧时生活方式的毁灭 也无法消退改革的狂热When you look at Cromwell#39;s flying squads up close and in action,当你看到克伦威尔的爪牙行动时you don#39;t really get the impression of a bunch of men who thought of themselves as renovators. Wreckers, more likely.定不会觉得他们有;革新者;的自觉 而更像是一群强盗For one thing, they seemed to enjoy their work a bit too much.一来 他们似乎过于沉醉于其中I laid unto him a concealment of treason,我揭发了他的叛国罪wrote one of Cromwell#39;s hit men to his chief about a prior he had at his mercy.克伦威尔的一名打手 在向其长官报告一名修道院长的信中写道I called him heinous traitor in the worst terms I could devise,我极尽恶语辱骂这个叛国贼And him all the time kneeling and making intercession unto me,Not to utter to you the premises of his undoing.他一直跪在那里向我求饶 并供出了没完全坦白他霸占的地产Such were the pleasures of reform.这些就是改革带来的愉悦The property bonanza that followed the dissolution of the monasteries was on a scale no other English revolution ever approached.另外 解散修道院带来丰厚的不义之财 数字之庞大 英国任何革命都无法企及Abbeys like this one at Laycock were offered at bargain basement prices,诸如莱科克这样的修道院 都被作为廉价物品一般and loyalty to the new order secured with bricks and mortar.为新构建的体制占有 /201701/486936 襄阳襄州区不孕不育收费好不好襄阳第四人民医院女子妇科医院



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