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安庆的男科医院安庆包皮环切手术多少钱Chinas carmakers中土王国汽车制造商Zoom, zoom, splutter一朝得志,语无伦次SAICs domestic brands are unloved—a problem shared across the industry上汽集团的国内品牌不受消费者欢迎,然而,这却是整个产业所遇到的问题CHINAS biggest carmaker does not seem to be doing so badly, a first glance at SAICs third quarter results on October 30th would suggest. Net profits rose by nearly 5% compared with a year earlier, to 6.8 billion yuan (.1 billion). But SAIC, like the countrys many other domestic car firms, is not firing on all cylinders and is far from living up to the hopes the government has invested in the state giant.上汽集团在10月30日发布了本年第三季度报,乍一看之下,这家全中土王国最大汽车制造商的成绩似乎还过得去:与去年同期相比,净利润增长约5%,达到了68亿元人民币(约11亿美元)。然而,就像中土王国国内其余众多厂商一样,上汽集团不仅没有开足马力进行生产,同时也辜负了政府对这家汽车业国营巨头的期待。SAIC makes a quarter of the vehicles that crawl along the countrys congested roads. In the third quarter it sold 1.3m cars, 9% more than a year earlier. Overall Chinese demand, tempered by a cooling economy, grew by just 4%. But SAICs success was mostly due not to cars bearing its own badges, but Volkswagen and General Motors models, made in factories jointly operated with these two Western giants.目前,在中土王国拥挤不堪的道路上,有四分之一的轿车是上汽集团生产的。在本年第三季度期间,该企业共卖出了1300万辆轿车,比去年同期高出了9%。而相比之下,由于受到了经济下行的影响,今年中土王国汽车总需求量仅增长了4%。但上汽集团斐然的成果,不是由自家品牌所贡献出来的,而是通过与德国大众(Volkswagen)以及美国通用汽车(General Motors)这两大西方巨头的联合,在合资企业里所推出的车型当中取得的。Foreign carmakers were forced to collaborate with Chinese ones as the price for entering what is now the worlds largest automotive market. SAICs partnerships with VW and GM are flourishing, as are the other Chinese-foreign joint ventures. The government had hoped that, by now, domestic firms would have absorbed all they needed to know from the foreigners about making and selling world-class cars, and be y to get by without them.要进入中土王国这个目前全球最大的汽车销售市场,得付出一定的准入代价:外国汽车制造商必须要与本土厂商成立合资企业来进行生产销售。不仅是上汽集团正与大众、通用合作无间,其他中外合资车厂也呈现出欣欣向荣的态势。中土王国政府本期待着现在国内制造商们已经学习吸收了一切必备的外来经验技术,并且已经做好了自力更生的准备以生产“世界级”轿车,但事情不尽如人意。But the success of the joint ventures has made the Chinese firms complacent. They have failed to develop their own technology, styling or marketing capability. SAIC has long been losing money on its own-brand cars, which sell under badges such as Roewe and MG (the latter a faded British brand it bought along with other parts of the collapsed Rover Group). In the latest quarter the losses rose sharply, to around 2 billion yuan. A vicious circle has set in: the poor financial performance of Chinese firms own brands has sapped their will to invest in research and development to improve their performance on the road and in the showrooms. Little wonder, then, that Chinese motorists spurn pleas for patriotism and covet foreign-badged motors.然而,合资企业的成功已经让中土王国制造商们欣喜不已。他们没有成功地发展出自己的生产技术、设计风格以及市场推广体系。在自有品牌的车型上,上汽集团已经损失了很多资金,其中包括“荣威”(Roewe)和“名爵”(MG,一个已经没落了的英国品牌),后者是上汽集团在“路虎”(Rover Group)破产之时一并买入的汽车牌子之一。在最近一季期间,上述部分的亏损额迅猛增加,达到了20亿元人民币。这是一个恶性循环:国产品牌的表现越差,中土王国制造商就越不愿意投入资金以提高技术研发能力,或者提高国产车无论是在行驶中还是在汽车展厅当中的表现。这也就能解释了,为何中土王国司机们会唾弃在驾驶上的展现爱国主义情怀的机会,反倒是极力推崇外国品牌的轿车。The government has tried to fix the problem by pressing the foreign carmakers to work with the locals to create new brands combining international flair with Chinese characteristics. So far this has made little difference: Chinese brands account for only about one-third of domestic sales, and their share continues to dwindle.中土王国政府想要通过强迫外国制造商与本土企业的合作来解决上述问题,希望能够创造出一批新的品牌,一批能够把国际上的优点与中土王国特色相结合的品牌。迄今为止,以上努力近乎徒劳,国产牌子的汽车仅占中土王国国内汽车销售的三分之一,而且该市场份额还在缩小。Chinese vehicles have not travelled well. Exports, mostly to poor countries where drivers care about price more than image, were fewer than 600,000 in 2013, 10% lower than the year before. SAICs hopes that Rover Groups brands and technology would help it do better in rich countries have yet to be met. Three years after it relaunched the MG brand in Britain, it is selling just a few hundred cars a month there. Likewise Geely, a smaller Chinese maker, has yet to see much benefit from buying Volvo of Sweden.中土王国汽车的发展目前仍是处于“菜鸟”阶段。2013年全年汽车出口量已经不足60万,与前年同期相比下降了10%,而出口的汽车大部分是运往贫困国家。相比于外观而言,当地的消费者更在意的是价格。上汽集团希望能通过“路虎”旗下的品牌和技术,来提升自己在发达国家的市场地位,而这一想法还有待实现。三年前,上汽集团在英国重新推出了“名爵”汽车,而现在该牌子的销量也仅仅为每月数百辆而已。同样地,较小的中土王国汽车制造商“吉利”汽车,仍未从瑞典沃尔沃(Volvo)汽车收购案当中获得可观的回报。Chinas carmakers are still trying to improve. A recent survey from JD Power, a market-research firm, shows that the quality gap with foreign rivals is closing. The Chinese firms are busy hiring Western designers to make their models more distinguished. But like many of its peers, SAIC lacks foreign managers who have the skills to market cars abroad and set up the service networks that buyers expect. No wonder the governments ambition for China to boast two or three world-class car firms, with badges as recognisable as Toyotas or Fords, remains a distant dream.中土王国汽车制造商仍旧在努力提升自己。最近,一份由市场分析机构JD Power所做的调查显示,中土王国国产品牌汽车与外国对手的质量差距正在逐渐缩小。中土王国厂商们正忙着聘请西方设计师去完成车型的设计,力求“与众不同”。但就像其他许多同行一样,上汽集团缺乏来自国外的管理者,一些能够让汽车进行市场推广走出国门,并且能够建立满足于消费者期待的务网络的管理者。中土王国政府想要培养出两三个能够生产“殿堂级”汽车的制造商,想要培养出能够跟丰田(Toyota)和福特(Ford)一样家喻户晓的厂商,在如此多的不利因素的作用之下,也难怪这些个“雄心壮志”最后只成了一个“中国梦”。译者:颜士竣 译文属译生译世 /201411/341271安庆如何治前列腺 they had this stayed on that form,we didnt see each other or our outfits untill right before the wedding他们让这裙子保持形状 我们只在婚礼前一刻才跟彼此见面 见到彼此的礼We tried to save that moment,so this was another section of the house on the form我们想保留那一刻 这是我们屋子的另一个角落And that dress is just so,it took three weeks for him to make and ten weeks of work for me to pay for这条裙子他花了3个星期完成 花我10个星期的工作来付gorgeous,gorgeous,and beautiful,beautiful picture非常漂亮 非常漂亮 非常好看的图片This picture I think is so,and I love that picture,I konw it looks candid这图片非常 我喜欢这图片 这张照片是偷拍的but right before she took it the photographer said look stuning and radiant在拍这个照之前 摄影师说 面带微笑 散发魅力and like the happiest day of your life and so Portia pretended好像这是你生命中最幸福的一天 所以Portia是假装的the whole thing though is very simple,very traditional,both of us wore pink and white整个婚礼都非常简单 传统 我们两个身穿白色和粉色because the pink is pretty and white is you know the old wedding rhyme因为粉色很漂亮 白色呢 就是我们传统的婚礼音律you hve chosen right if you married in the white如果你结婚穿白色 你就是做了正确的选择and the half if of course you will forever be blessed if you married in a vest and so the vest另一个音律就是 如果你结婚穿马甲 你将永远受保佑 所以then so before the ceremony,we just spent a few minutes just some time alone to be together在婚礼之前 我们一起单独呆了一会I think those are the little moments before the wedding这是婚礼前的一点点美好时刻It just made it so special,so we were kind of hanging out,this is us in the back door这让我们婚礼比较特别 我们到处走走 这张照片 我们当时在门后we were just watching while the caters argued with the florist right there,hoping them got over pretty quick当时我们的宴席承办方和花匠有点争执 我们就在那儿看 希望他们能早点解决争端and then mama was there,and mama gave us some good advice,yeah,very happy我的妈妈也在那儿 她给了我们一些很好的建议 对 非常幸福 /201607/456395Europe France’s economy欧洲 法国经济Austerity stakes紧缩困境A reluctant government faces the imperative of public-spending cuts法国削减公共出势在必行,政府陷入两难境界Franse’s finance minister, Pierre Moscovici, staged a charm offensive in London this week to improve his country’s battered economic image. Days after the European Commission had forecast that France would miss its budget-deficit target of 3% of GDP in 2013, a key promise of President Francois Hollande’s, Mr Moscovici urged people to look beyond “simplistic stereotypes”. The government may miss its target, he said, but it was making structural reforms to restore competitiveness and sound public finances.法国的财务首相皮耶尔 莫斯科维奇本周在伦敦打了漂亮的一仗,改善了法国经济窘迫不堪的形象。欧盟委员会预测法国将难以兑现2013年GDP3%的预算赤字目标,而那是总统弗朗西斯奥朗德的重点承诺。数日之后,莫斯科维奇呼吁人们看穿“单纯的陈见”。他表示,也许政府不能如期完成目标,但它采取结构化改革以恢复竞争力,重塑夯实的公共财政。The commission’s verdict was sobering. French GDP will grow by 0.1% this year, compared with a government forecast of 0.8%, and the deficit will reach 3.7%. After long defending the 3% target as a sign of its credibility, and insisting on overly ambitious growth forecasts, the government has abruptly switched message to plead for more time. And the commission clearly intends to opt for indulgence.委员会的裁定是一盆冷水。新的一年,法国GDP增长率将会是0.1%,与政府0.8%的预测相差甚远。而且赤字会达到3.7%.长期坚守3%的目标已成为法国信誉的象征,同时伴随着野心勃勃的增长预测。但风云突变,政府扭转口径,央求着要更多时间。显然,委员会意欲纵容之。Without much struggle, it seems, France has won the argument that it should not be punished for its failure. It blames poor growth—the commission forecasts a euro-zone recession in 2013—and fears that more belt-tightening might make things worse. The French claim that, judged by the structural deficit, adjusted for the cycle, the government has made a bigger effort than at first appears. Mr Moscovici does not plan an emergency budget to squeeze the deficit back towards 3% this year, partly for fear of provoking “a political and social shock”. Jens Weidmann, the Bundesbank chief, said that “putting consolidation off would just shift the problem into the future.” But the German government stayed silent and Wolfgang Schauble, the finance minister, told a newspaper he was “fully confident” thatFrance was on the right track.虽未曾付出太多的努力,但看上去,法国已经赢得不必为失败而受惩的舆论持。它责难低下的增长率——委员会预测了2013年欧元区的萧条——并担心紧缩政策会让一切更糟糕。法国宣称,由相对经济周期校准的结构性赤字判断,政府作的努力比表面上的要更为显著。莫斯科维奇并未制定紧急计划以在年内将赤字压缩到3%,部分是由于担心这会引起“政治和社会的震荡。”德国央行主观简魏德曼表示延迟“延迟”只是把问题留给未来。但德国政府保持沉默,而且财政首相沃尔夫冈邵伯向报纸表示他“无比自信”地认为法国经济正步入正轨。Mr Moscovici may get away with drift once, but he is unlikely to be indulged twice. As it is, letting him off the hook depends on taking seriously his efforts to sort out the public finances. This year, three-quarters of the effort to curb the deficit consists of higher taxes, says the Cour des Comptes, the national auditor. Yet with a total take of over 44% of GDP, Franceis aly the most heavily taxed country in the euro. Companies and the rich have been squeezed; investment has gone on hold. The constitutional court has rejected Mr Hollande’s planned 75% top income-tax rate, although the government plans to revive it in another form. Even some Socialist deputies concede that the government cannot go on pushing up taxes.但事不过三,莫斯科维奇很难继续得到包容。事实上,只有正视他为解决公共财政问题作出的努力才能让他免于责难。据国家审计员Cour des Comptes表示,今年控制赤字的努力有四分之三都用于征收高额税。法国已是欧元区课税最繁重的国家,税收占到GDP的44%。公司和富人保守压榨,投资搁置了。立宪法院拒绝了奥朗德设立最高75%所得税的计划,但政府计划通过别种形势实现它。甚至一些社会党代表也承认政府不能无止尽地抬高税收。That leaves no choice but cuts in public spending. Mr Moscovici says these will account for “most” of the deficit reduction in the 2014 budget. This is where the hard part begins. The commission forecasts a deficit in 2014 of 3.9%, even higher than in 2013, as well as a rise in unemployment to 11%. The government has begun to float various ideas, such as means-testing family benefits and lengthening the period for pension contributions. A policy review is under way with the aim of eliminating duplication and cutting jobs. The prime minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, has set up a commission to look into pension reform. “This is all very different to what Socialist governments did before,” says an insider.如此一来,法国别无选择,唯有削减公共出。莫斯科维奇表示那会占到2014年预算赤字削减的“大部分”。艰险的征程由此展开。委员会预测2014年的赤字率会达到3.9%,甚至高于2013年的,与此同时失业率会上升至11%。政府集思广益,采用诸如家庭付能力调查以及延长养老金的供期。首相吉恩马克 艾洛特已成立一个委员会调查养老金改革。“这与此前社会党政府的所作所为大相径庭。”内部人士透露说。The difficulty is political. It may be evident to outsiders—and to some in the government—that, given its competitiveness and growth problems, France has no choice but to rethink its generous welfare state and well-staffed public sector. But a year after the 2012 election campaign, public debate has barely begun. Mr Hollande was elected on a promise to kick-start growth, cut unemployment and end austerity. Now he presides over recession, rising joblessness—and the need to impose more austerity on dumbfounded voters.难度在于政治方面。考虑到法国的竞争力和经济增长困境,它除了对优厚的福利和齐整的公共部门加以慎思外别无选择。但2012年选举结束的一年之后,公众的质疑声才刚刚开始泛滥。奥朗德带着促进经济增长,降低失业率和终结紧缩的承诺上任。如今,他要为经济萧条和上涨的失业率买单——以及让投票者目瞪口呆的紧缩政策。翻译:袁航译文属译生译世 /201610/471723安庆前列腺钙化一般要做什么检查

怀宁县人民医院男科专家挂号Gordie Howe lived so long that most Americans dont know that he set just about every record there is, he helped the sport expand, he got hundreds of thousands of Americans playing the game, and millions more watching.Howe was one of nine kids born in a farmhouse in Floral, Sasketchewan—a town so tiny, their post office closed in 1923. During the Great Depression, a neighbor brought over a gunnysack full of used things, including a beat-up pair of skates.Howes mom gave her a few bucks, and Gordie the skates. ;I put those on,; Howe recalled, ;and I never took em off.;Howe was skilled, smart, and tough—the most complete player the sport ever produced. He was even ambidextrous, with the ability to switch from a right-handed shot to a left-handed shot while barreling down on the goalie.Put it all together, and you get what they called ;The Gordie Howe Hat Trick,; consisting of a goal, an assist, and a fight, all in the same game.During Howes 26-year career, he set records for most goals, most points, most games, most ...almost everything. He finished in the top ten in scoring for 21 straight years, which is impossible. No one else, in any team sport, has come close.But his impact was greater than a bunch of records. What Arnold Palmer and Pele did for their sports in America, Gordie Howe did for hockey: he served as his sports greatest ambassador, the man they called, ;Mr. Hockey,;Howe inspired just about every town in Michigan to build an ice rink. The Pittsburgh Penguins just won the Stanley Cup with seven players who played on those rinks, in little league, high school or college.The head coach at the University of Michigan, Red Berenson, left Canada for Ann Arbor in 1958, in part so he could watch Gordie Howe play in Detroit.Usually its a mistake to meet your heroes, but not Howe. He remained humble, and always took the time for his fans. As fellow Hall of Famer Bill Gadsby said, ;The only guy in the locker room who didnt know Mr. Hockey was Mr. Hockey, was Mr. Hockey.;When Wayne Gretzky was only eleven, Howe attended a banquet to celebrate the budding star. But when Gretzky got to the podium, he couldnt speak.Howe rescued him by saying, ;When someone has done what this kid has done, he doesnt have to say anything.;Gretzky never forgot Howes graciousness when he needed it most.If Gretzky was the alpha, I was the omega: a third-line right-winger for the Ann Arbor Huron High School River Rats. When I was a junior, in 1980, I recognized Howe at an airport counter. I couldnt resist: ;Excuse me, but youre Gordie Howe, arent you?;;Yes, I am,; he said softly, and thanked me for not making a scene. I quietly praised him, then added—for reasons I still cannot fathom—that my favorite player was his longtime linemate, Alex Delvecchio, an amazing passer who set up hundreds of Howes goals.When Howe stared at me, I thought I mightve offended him. But then he gave me a wink and a nod, and said, ;Mine, too, sonny. Mine, too.;And that was Mr. Hockey.John U. Bacon is the author of four New York Times bestsellers. His most recent book, ;Endzone: The Rise, Fall and Return of Michigan Football,; is on the list now. His views are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management, or its license holder, the University of Michigan.201606/450341池州妇幼保健人民中心医院泌尿外科 Balkan warriors abroad国外的巴尔干战士Fight the good fight为正义而战With the Western Balkans at peace, some go abroad to look for war西巴尔干地区一片和平,有些人因此赴国外参战FROM the Sea of Azov to Aleppo, fighters from the western Balkans are at war. So worried are their governments that laws have been passed to make fighting abroad illegal, and their security services co-operate with foreign ones to monitor them. The numbers are small, but the Balkans looms relatively large on foreign battlefields.来自西巴尔干地区的战士在亚速海至阿勒颇〔叙利亚城市〕一带作战。西巴尔干各国政府为此忧心如焚,遂立法,规定国外参战属违法行为,同时各国安全部门与国外相应部门合作,以监控本国战士。巴尔干地区的参战人数虽少,但他们在国外战场上的踪迹相当广泛。Orthodox Christian Serbs are joining pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine while Catholic Croats fight on Ukraines side. Muslim Albanians, Bosniaks and Muslims from Sandzak, the area straddling Serbia and Montenegro, have gone to fight inIraq and Syria. All sp their messages online and send greetings to one another. Last month two gloating Croats speaking on YouTube said “Hope to see you soon!” to their Serb “friends”. For Serbs and Croats, this war is a replay of their own conflict in the 1990s as much as an adventure or crusade.信奉东正教的塞尔维亚人在乌克兰加入持俄罗斯的反政府军,而信奉天主教的克罗地亚人则代表乌克兰战斗。信奉穆斯林的阿尔巴尼亚人、波斯尼亚人以及桑扎克地区(跨越塞尔维亚与黑山两国的地带)的人远赴伊拉克与叙利亚作战。所有战士在网上传递讯息,并相互问候。3月份,两名克罗地亚人甚至洋洋自得地在YouTube上发布视频,向他们的塞尔维亚“朋友”说“希望快点见到你们!”。对于塞尔维亚人和克罗地亚人而言,这场战争重演了20世纪90年代他们的内部冲突,可以说是一次冒险经历,也可以说是一场宗教战争。Recently Serbs in eastern Ukraine have been more taken up with their internal conflicts. The highest-profile Serb in eastern Ukraine is Radomir Pocuca, once a spokesman for Serbias interior ministry. Last month he was captured by other Serb fighters. He was humiliated by pictures on Facebook of him bound and blindfolded, wearing a shirt emblazoned with a Serbian flag and the motto “Serbian Honour”.然而,乌克兰东部的塞尔维亚人可能更关注的是他们的内部冲突。这些人当中名声最大的当属Radomir Pocuca,他曾担任塞尔维亚内务部的发言人。3月份,一些同胞战士将其逮捕,他们在Facebook上发布了Radomir Pocuca的照片,照片中他被捆绑着,蒙住眼睛,身穿印有塞尔维亚国旗图案和“塞尔维亚人的荣耀”字样的T恤,以此来羞辱他。Many Serbs are affiliated to small ultranationalist groups. They loathe their government, hate the European Union and are against joining NATO. They believe they are fighting a Christian fight. In this they are like the Croats who have joined Ukraines Azov Battalion, a unit notorious for its neo-Nazi symbol that has attracted volunteers from the far right across Europe.很多塞尔维亚人属于小型极端民族主义组织成员。他们憎恶政府,憎恨欧盟,反对加入北约组织。他们认为自己是为正义而战。这一点与克罗地亚人相似,后者加入了乌克兰的亚速军营。该部队因采用新的纳粹主义标志而远近闻名,吸引了来自欧洲各地的极右主义人士。Although they get much attention, says Kacper Rekawek, a Polish researcher, there are relatively few foreigners in Ukraine, other than Russians. He reckons about 300 fighters have passed through on each side. But with up to 100 Serbs having fought for the rebels, they have been among the biggest group of foreigners. Croats, with 25-odd fighters, have been the third-largest foreign contingent on Ukraines side.波兰研究学家Kacper Rekawek表示,尽管他们吸引了不少目光,但乌克兰境内的外国人除俄罗斯人外,相当之少。他认为,双方各有约300名战士进入境内。但在反政府军中作战的塞尔维亚人高达100人,成为最大的外国作战团。而作战的克罗地亚人约有25人,成为持乌克兰政府的第三大外国战队。In Syria and Iraqthe numbers are a lot bigger. Shpend Kursani, author of a report on Kosovars fighting there, says he has identified 232. There have been 330 Bosnians, 90 Albanians, 70 Serbians and 12 Macedonians. The leader of the Albanian contingent in Islamic State is Lavdrim Muhaxheri who, one returned member told Mr Kursani, is obsessed with his ratings on social media. Mr Muhaxheri has made one in which he beheads an Iraqi captive. Mr Kursani finds that, when jihadists are counted as a percentage of countries populations, Kosovo is top of a list of 22 countries,Bosnia second and Albania fourth. As a percentage of Muslims in each country, though, Kosovo comes 14th, between Germany and Spain. Bosniais 11th and Albania 20th. The top nine countries are west European.而在叙利亚和伊拉克参战的人数相比甚多。科索沃作战报告的作者Shpend Kursani表示已确定232人的身份,其中波斯尼亚人330名,阿尔巴尼亚人90名,塞尔维亚人70名,马其顿人12名。一名回国战士向他透露,位于伊斯兰国的阿尔巴尼亚人战队领导人是Lavdrim Muhaxheri,他痴迷于增加自己在社会媒体中的人气。这位领导人亲手砍下一名伊拉克俘虏的人头,并录下视频。Kursani学者发现,如果以整个国家的人口作为基数,科索沃的圣战主义者在22个国家当中所占比例最大,波斯尼亚第二,阿尔巴尼亚第四。然而,如果以每个国家的穆斯林人口作为基数,那么科索沃的圣战主义者所占比例居于十四位,位于德国和西班牙之间。波斯尼亚位居十一位,阿尔巴尼亚二十位。位居前九名的国家均来自于西欧。According to Mr Kursani, most Kosovars in Syria are from rural areas and poorly educated. Nearly two-fifths have criminal records. Some 34 are known to have been killed. Contrary to popular belief, which blames Saudi influence, Mr Kursani finds that the fighters have been motivated by the Takfiri ideology, which has been sping recently into Kosovo through Albanian imams living in Macedonia, who first embraced it in Egypt.根据Kursani的研究,在叙利亚的大部分科索沃人来自偏远地区,受教育程度低。近五分之二的人有过犯罪记录。而已知的战死人数约为34人。他发现,由于受沙特人的不良影响,这些战士没有相信普遍观点,相反,在塔克菲理思想的激化下赴外作战。该思想最近通过居住在马其顿的阿尔巴尼亚籍伊玛目(清真寺内率领穆斯林做礼拜的人)传入科索沃,传入者在埃及首次皈依于这一思想。Most fighters face arrest when they return (though not in Croatia, where fighting in foreign wars is not outlawed). This may be why fewer are going now. Balkan governments want neither extreme nationalists nor violent Islamists causing trouble. What is striking is the degree to which, apart from their religions, most Balkan fighters are so broadly united: against liberalism and the West.大部分战士回国后会被逮捕(然而,克罗地亚除外,参加国外战争在该国并不违法)。这也许是现在几乎无人回国的原因。巴尔干各国政府既不欢迎极端民族主义者,也不欢迎暴力、惹事端的伊斯兰教人士。然而,这些巴尔干战士存宗教信仰之异,如此广泛地团结起来反对自由主义和西方世界,着实让人震惊。翻译:石海霞 校对:曾擎禹 译文属译生译世 /201504/372582安庆治疗前列腺炎多少钱

望江县看泌尿科怎么样Scottish independence苏格兰独立UK RIP?大英联合帝国要完了?Ditching the union would be a mistake for Scotland and a tragedy for the country it leaves behind苏格兰独立对苏格兰来说会是一个错误。对被其抛弃的英国来说,则更是一场悲剧SCHOOLCHILDREN once imagined their place in the world, with its complex networks and allegiances, by writing elaborate postal addresses. British youngsters began with their street and town. They understood that the UK, and all its collective trials and achievements—the industrial revolution, the Empire, victory over the Nazis, the welfare state—were as much a part of their patrimony as the Scottish Highlands or English cricket. They knew, instinctively, that these concentric rings of identity were complementary, not opposed.城市,这些城市组成了英格兰、威尔士、苏格兰和北爱尔兰,这几个地区组成了大英帝国,然后才是欧洲大陆,世界和宇宙。他们了解自己的国家,了解它所有的历程与成就——工业革命,帝国建立,战胜纳粹,福利国家,而苏格兰高地和英格兰板球一样,也是这个国家历史文化遗产的一部分。他们本能地认为,这几个相互关联的地区是共生的,而非对立。At least, they used to. After the referendum on Scottish independence on September 18th, one of those layers—the UK—may cease to exist, at least in the form recognisable since the Act of Union three centuries ago. As the vote nears, Scotlands nationalists have caught up with the unionist No camp in the opinion polls, and even edged ahead (see article). More and more Scots are deciding that the UK, which their soldiers, statesmen, philosophers and businessmen have done so much to build and ornament, does not cradle their Scottishness but smothers it. This great multinational state could be undone in a single day, by a poll in which just 7% of its citizens will participate. That outcome, once unthinkable, would be bad for Scotland and tragic for what remained of the UK.这一切都可能化为曾经。9月18日苏格兰公投后,三个世纪前,通过联合法案建立的大英帝国可能就不复存在了。公投日渐逼近,而民调显示,苏格兰独派渐渐追上了统派,甚至已经赶超。越来越多的苏格兰人认为,他们的士兵、政治家、学者和企业家为其奉献和出力的英国不仅没有保护好他们的苏格兰传统,反而在损害它。大英帝国这个多民族的国家也许会在一天内分崩瓦解,民调显示,7%的公民将参加公投。苏格兰独立—这件曾以为永远不会发生的事—不仅对苏格兰不利,对英国更是一场悲剧。The damage a split would do苏格兰独立的危害The rump of Britain would be diminished in every international forum: why should anyone heed a country whose own people shun it? Since Britain broadly stands for free trade and the maintenance of international order, this would be bad for the world. Its status as a nuclear power would be doubtful: the countrys nuclear submarines are based in a Scottish loch and could not be moved quickly. Britain would also be more likely to leave the European Union, since Scots are better disposed to Europe than are the English (and are less likely to vote for the Conservatives, who are promising a Euro-referendum if they win next years general election). The prospect of a British exit from the EU would scare investors much more than a possible Scottish exit from Britain .苏格兰一旦分离出去,英国在国家上的地位将一落千丈:一个连自己国民都避之不及的国家还有何声誉可言?而英国一直是自由世界和国际秩序维护的持者,这样的局面对整个世界来说,也非常不利。英国作为一个拥有核能源的国家地位也将备受质疑:英国的核潜艇基地就设在苏格兰,不可能在短期内完成转移。英国也可能离开欧盟,因为苏格兰比英国更愿意加入欧盟,他们也不会投票给准备在明年赢得大选后举办对欧元公投的保守党。英国将脱离欧盟的可能比苏格兰分离出英国的前景更会吓走投资者。The people of Scotland alone will decide the future of Britain, and they are not obliged to worry about what becomes of the state they would leave. But—perhaps not surprisingly, given the endurance and success of the union, imperilled though it is—Scots own interests, and the rest of Britains, coincide.英国的前途现在完全掌握在苏格兰人民手上了!而他们才不会关心这个已经被他们抛弃的国家未来会如何呢。尽管英联邦如今的状况也不佳,但它已团结了百年,也取得了诸多成就,所以不难看出,苏格兰和英国的利益其实是唇齿相依的。At the heart of the nationalist campaign is the claim that Scotland would be a more prosperous and more equal country if it went solo. It is rich in oil and inherently decent, say the nationalists, but impoverished by a government in Westminster that has also imposed callous policies. They blame successive British governments for almost every ill that has befallen Scotland, from the decline of manufacturing industry to ill-health to the high price of sending parcels in the Highlands. Alex Salmond, Scotlands nationalist leader, is broad in his recrimination: Labour and the Tories are of a piece, he suggests, in their disregard for Scotland.苏格兰民族主义阵营的核心理念是,苏格兰在独立后将是一个更为富强和平等的主权国家。他们说,苏格兰石油资源丰富,生来就是一个富饶的国家,但却被英国政府制定的苛刻政策所不断压榨。他们列举了历届英国政府的条条罪状:减少石油加工厂,人民健康危机,以及将石油高价高价卖给苏格兰等。苏格兰民族党领袖艾利克斯·萨尔蒙德(Alex Salmond)更是对英政府百般责难:管你工党还是托利党,还不都是沆瀣一气,全然不顾苏格兰的利益。But Scotlands relative economic decline is the result not of southern neglect but of the shift of manufacturing and shipping to Asia. If Westminster has not reversed all the deleterious effects of globalisation and technology, that is because to do so is impossible. The nationalists know this, which is why, sotto voce, they would continue many of Westminsters policies. Instead they make much of minor adjustments, such as abolishing the “bedroom tax”, a recent measure designed to nudge people out of too-large social housing. To break up a country over such small, recent annoyances would be nuts.但苏格兰经济衰退,其罪魁并非英国政府,而是制造业和运输业向亚洲转移的结果。英国政府也无法阻挡全球化和科技发展所带来的负面效应。偷偷滴说一句,苏格兰民族党也明白这一点,所以他们仍会保留英国政府制定的诸多政策。目前他们只是做出了一些小改变,如废除近期英国颁布的针对空置房屋的卧室税。但为了近期发生的这么点小不满就要分裂一个国家也太不明智了。The nationalists economics are also flawed. Scotland would not, in fact, be richer alone. The taxes that would flow to it from the North Sea would roughly compensate for the extra cost of its lavish state, which would no longer be funded by Westminster (last year spending was some 1,300 per person higher in Scotland than elsewhere in Britain). But oil revenues are erratic. They would have earned Scotland 11.5 billion in 2008-09 but only 5.5 billion in 2012-13. If an independent state were to smooth these fluctuations by setting up an oil fund, it would have less cash to spend now. In any case, the oil is gradually running out. In order to maintain state spending after it is gone, taxes would have to rise. And a crunch might come much sooner. Foreign investors and big businesses that mostly serve English customers could well move south.民族党经济学家们的观点也同样存在缺陷。苏格兰单打独斗是不可能富强起来的。虽然依靠北海所征得的税收基本可以满足一个国家的其他需求,但它将再得不到英国政府的资金持(去年英国政府向苏格兰提供的资金高达人均1300英镑,这个数字是整个英国地区最高的)。可是石油的盈利是不稳定的。2008年到年间,苏格兰的石油盈利为一千一百五十亿英镑,但在2012年到2013年,石油的盈利就降到了五百五十亿英镑。一个独立国家如果想要通过建立石油资金以稳定这样的收入波动,那它现有的资金就所剩无几了。而且不管怎么样,石油终将会枯竭,一旦如此,国家就必须通过提高税收以继续维持。财政困难的局面可能比预期的会还要早。面对英国消费者的国外投资者和企业也会转移到南部。Westminster has ruled out a currency union—correctly, given that the nationalists propose a deficit-widening fiscal splurge and that the assets of Scottish banks are an alarming 12 times the countrys GDP. It might relent, but only if Scotland agrees to such strict oversight that independence ends up meaning little. The nationalists say that kinks over currency and the like could be worked out amicably—that it would not be in Britains interests to antagonise its new northern neighbour, particularly since (they hint darkly) Scotland could refuse to take on its share of the national debt. They are far too sanguine. If Scotland goes, the rest of Britain will be furious, both at the Scots and at their own leaders, who will be impelled to drive a hard bargain.英国政府已经表示,不会与苏格兰组成货币联盟。这是肯定的,毕竟民族党准备扩大财政赤字,而苏格兰的资产是其国内生产总值(GDP)的十二倍。当然这事还有的商量,但前提是苏格兰必须停止闹独立。民族党说,这些资金问题会得到妥善处理,再说了,英国要与它在北部的新邻国闹别扭对它自己也是有弊无益,尤其他们还再三无耻地暗示,苏格兰可能不会承担那部分原本是他们的负债的。但他们太过乐观了。苏格兰一旦独立,无论是对苏格兰人民,还是对独立党领袖,英国都将大光其火,苏格兰必将与英国进行艰难的经济谈判。Mr Salmond is on stronger ground when he argues that if Scotland does not leave Britain it might be dragged out of the EU against its will. This is indeed a danger, but in going independent Scotland would swap the possibility of an EU exit for a certain future as a small, vulnerable country. Its best hope of remaining influential is to stay put, and fight the Eurosceptics.萨尔蒙德最有利的观点就是苏格兰不脱离英国,它就很可能被迫离开欧盟。这的确是一害。但如果苏格兰独立,作为一个实力不强的小国,它还是可能被逐出欧盟。苏格兰最好的选择还是留在英国,并与欧盟反对者抗争。A lot to lose沉重的代价In the end the referendum will turn not on calculations of taxes and oil revenue, but on identity and power. The idea that Scots can shape their own destiny, both at the referendum and afterwards, is exhilarating. Yet Scotland aly controls many of its own affairs. Moreover, as Westminster politicians of all stripes have hastily made clear, if Scotland votes No, the devolved administration will soon get so much clout that the practical difference between staying in the union and leaving it will narrow. That would also lead to the distribution of power away from Westminster and to other bits of Britain, which should have happened long ago.其实公投的最终目的不在对税款和利益的斤斤计较,而是寻找身份的认同和自我的权力。无论是对公投本身,还是公投之后,苏格兰人民可以决定自己的命运的这一想法,才是最令人激动的。但现在,苏格兰人民已经可以掌握了很多自主权了。萨尔蒙德率领的民族党,及其运营下的政府口中喊着独立,但实际并没有利用自己的权力做出什么实事。此外,英国众多政治家都已经表示,如果苏格兰不分离,各地区政府将获得更多的权力,因此留在联盟内与独立出去其实并无实质差别。这就意味着权力将从中央政府下放到地区政府,这本该是很多年前就应该完成的。So by staying in, Scots will not just save the union but enhance it, as they have for 300 years. For the UK, with all its triumphs and eccentricities, belongs to Scots as much as it does to the English—even if increasing numbers of them seem y to disown that glorious, hard-earned heritage, and to simplify their identities by stripping out one of those concentric rings. That goes against both the spirit of this fluid century—in which most people have multiple identities, whether of place, ethnicity or religion—and the evidence of the preceding three. For all its tensions and rivalries, and sometimes because of them, the history of the union shows that the Scots, Welsh, English and Northern Irish are stronger, more tolerant and more imaginative together than they would be apart.因此,留在联盟内的苏格兰不仅拯救了已屹立了三百年的英帝国,更是增进了其团结。即使如今有越来越多的人在否定英国历经百年才努力获得的光荣成就,并想通过分离独立以纯粹其自我身份,这个国家的伟大和特性依然属于苏格兰和整个英国,这点事实是不会改变的。独立的想法与如今这个多元的时代是背道而驰的。无论是在出身,民族,还是宗教上,现代人本就拥有多重属性。历史明了,即使出现过紧张和对立的局面——但有时也正是因为这些紧张和对立—苏格兰、威尔士、英格兰、北爱尔兰的联合反而会比它们各自分裂时,更加团结、包容和富有创造力。 /201409/328757 We love Adolf Hitler because we believe, firmly and profoundly,that he was sent to us by God to save Germany.我们热爱希特勒,因为我们深信不疑,他被上帝派来拯救德国。To those who follow him, there is no quality that he does not possess to the greatest perfection.他拥有世间所有最完美的特质。No-one even thought it odd when Hitler told them that what they were doing would last for millennia.甚至当希特勒告诉人们,他们的事业可千年不朽时没人觉奇怪。One foreign correspondent who attended the 1934 rally,wrote that some of those present looked on Hitler as a Messiah.一位参加1934年纳粹党集会的外国记者写道,一些参会的人将希特勒看作弥赛亚。This wasnt an accident.这并不是巧合。Hitler later talked of being guided by a mystical force he called ;Providence.;希特勒后来说,他曾受到神秘力量指引,他称为;神谕;。And this belief in himself as a kind of Messiah was a key part of his charismatic appeal.他这种;我是救世主;的信仰是他具有领袖魅力的关键之一。Hitlers birthday, celebrated here in Berlin,became a day for national rejoicing.在柏林人们庆祝希特勒生,这天已成为全国欢庆日。 译文属201512/416415安庆哪家生殖疱疹医院较好安庆有哪些医院



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